Hip Pain

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agtemt - December 13

With both my first and second pregnancy i had hip pain. With the first it didnt start till i was about 8 months and it was tollerable and went away with tylenol. With my second it started earlier, around 6-7 months, and was tollerable most of the time. But there were times it was so bad i was in tears. Im currently 25 weeks pregnant and have been having the same pain for a couple weeks already. And at times it is excruciating. I cant move, i feel like screaming and crying. Does anyone know any way to make it stop?


tinkerbell - December 13

I had to go to the chiropractor. I had it approved by my doctor first. The pain went away for a couple of months and now it has started back. I am 35 wks.


Crystal - December 29

I gave birth via c section 8 days ago. Durring the last month of pregnancey my hip started to hurt, now that I have delivered it is much worse. I can not fully bear wt. It is really fustrating, Because other wise I am healing fine and I want to get back in to shape. With this pain I cant imagine doing anything!!


Heather - December 29

I have also had terrible hip pain, actually it has been since I was about 3 months pregnant. At times I can not move, and I cry because it hurts so bad. Mine is mostly at night, I am now 38 weeks and it has been just the same. The other night in fact I could not move any part of my body without hurting. I have talked to my doctor about it and they keep saying "yep that is part of pregnancy" I looked into Chriopractic care but there are NONE in my area that are certified to work with pregnant women, so I did not feel secure to just go to anyone. I have found heat helps somewhat, NOT A LOT don't get too happy. It may be psychological, but it does sometimes help. I wish you good luck, and all I can say is I hope it goes away with birth.


Also in Pain - December 30

i am 24 weeks pregnant and have had a sharp pain in my upper right hip for 3 weeks. it is not constant, but seems to happen on days when i am not very active or when i spend 2-3 hours sitting or lying down. the days when i do enough yoga, walking, stretching, etc... i find i am fine. sleeping positions are still trial and error, but using a maternity pillow while sleeping on the left side or on my back with a "ramp" of pillows to keep the circulation going can lead to a good 4-5 hours of sleep. i have also had 2 sessions with a chiropractor, which showed results about 2-3 hours after treatment, but lasted maybe 1-2 days, but does seem to give relief. only go to a chiropractor that has experience with pregnanct women. very gentle yoga helps, avoid any positions that keep you in one place too long or focuses on strengthening hamstrings, this can bring on the pain. also, pregnancy ma__sage/thai pregnancy ma__sage 2-3 times a week helps me.


Treasure - December 30

The chiropractor is a blessing! When you are pregnant your body makes something called relaxin, this makes your joints, like your hips, to move more to allow for the baby to pa__s through. Yes, it is very painful, I have it often also, but seeing my chiropractor REGULARLY helps tremendously! This also helps labor when it arrives and of course, promotes a heathy birth!


angelamcpherson - December 4

iam 36 weeks pregnant and have been haveing serious hip pain it feels like it is bruised i can feel the baby kicking it but the pain wont go away


Teddyfinch - December 20

i just laid on my side with pillows between my thighs. not knees. that doesn't help.



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