Home Remedies For Labor Induction They Don T Work

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TJ - May 21

I have tried everything to get this baby to come for the past four weeks. I am now 4 days overdue. Nothing has really worked. Here is what I have tried for all those that are curious. Maybe I did them wrong....who knows? Raspberry Tea Leaf: Drank the tea starting at 36 weeks. I think this is the reason my cervix was 100% effaced at 38 weeks. I did buy the capsules last night and have been taking them since....nothing yet! Castor Oil: Took 1 tbsp. with OJ. Caused cramps and diarrhea all night, but when it was all said and done, the cramps stopped and I had no change. Took 2 oz. a week later, did nothing this time. Correctol Laxative: Took 3 tab. at once. 6 hours later had massive diarrhea and contractions...but after 3 more hours...nothing. Fleets Enema: Did one enema, one BM and then NOTHING! Evening Primrose Oil: Took capsules and also inserted in va___a at nighttime for 4 weeks now. No change in anything. Maybe why I am dialted to 2 now...maybe not! Black Cohosh: Took twice with no results at all. Nipple Stimulation: Did this several times in a week for a couple of hours. But the contractions would go away after an hour when I would stop. Did this manually. Now, if I even try to stimulate them, nothing... Walking: Walked and walked miles everyday and laps around walking tracks at night. Baby is still HIGH and has not dropped passed -2 station...plus I hate walking. Bumpy car ride: What a joke!! Flexiball: Sat and sat on this thing....nothing. Pineapple: Ate a whole pineapple twice...nothing but heartburn!! Sex: Try to do this as much as possible...did bring on some contractions for several hours, but then after I went to sleep, they went away. Good Luck with all your attempts...cause nothing has worked for me. I am stuck with the reality that this baby will come when she is good and ready no matter what I do!


July - July 6

As far as I have heard from women who used to work in the case room before the days of modern meds, you have to take a full gla__s of Castor Oil, a hot batch and an enema all in the one night.


bobo - July 6

try acupuncture,it can induce labor.certain points on your body will make you go into labor.


Laura - July 30

I have found through tons of research on the subject of induction that it wont work unless you have a bishops score of at least 9 before you start natural induction of any kind. Plus it is good to be at close to due date or past due. I have been anxious for my labor to begin too. Good luck.


jen - July 31

Laura, what is a bishops score?


Due 8/21/05 - August 1

Some of the remedies, you have tried, you have done wrong. That is probably why they didn't work. There is a method to taking the herbs for them to work. Raspberry Tea Leaf, Evening Primrose Oil, Black Cohosh, pineapple, s_x ripen the cervix. Your cervix is already ripe since you are 100% effaced.


Whitney - December 29

I am right there with you girl. I have been doing EPO since week 36, tried Black AND blue cohosh since week 37, tried pineapple, nipple stimulation, castor oil and such. The only thing I was unable to try was s_x and that's only because my husband is deployed to a different country and he is unable to participate. I did end up in the hospital on a Wednesday night with contractions, but they quickly went away (but not before dilating me.) I was not effaced, not dilated or anything on Monday and on Wednesday I was 2 cm, 80% effaced and she was in station -1. But like I said, my contractions diappeared at the hospital (after 9 painful hours and no cervical change past hour 4.) Nothing worked for me either and I think the only thing that helped me get as far as I am was one aggravating night of Castor Oil. I'm just going to wait out her arrival now. Got 2 more days until due date.



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