Hope For Those Who Think It Is Never Happening

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Meghan - September 20

Just wanted to tell my birth story and give hope to all the women who feel like they are going to be pregnant forever!! I felt like I was coming down with a stomach bug and couldnt go to sleep when I finally puked my brains out, I felt better so I thought it was something I had eaten. The next morning I had a bad backache, in my lower back, that would not go away, this lasted several hours and then I went pee, when I noticed blood, thats when I knew it was time! I went to the hospital, they said I was not in labor, but they could feel my water bag buldging, they said youre going home!!!!!!! Finally after several hours of pain, and the doc going back and fourth on what to do, they checked me and I was 5 centimeters!!! They got me the epidural, about an hour later and four minutes of pushing I had a baby girl Mary Rose 8 lbs 5 ounces, 20 inches! I know at the end it can feel like forever until you go into labor, but it will happen, it is one of the most exciting things that can happen in life! I hope you all have great labors, Good Luck!


lisa - September 21

thanks for your story, im almost 36 weeks and have felt morning sickness comming back, some strong bh and lower backache, do you think i might be going into early labour?


jo - September 21

thanx for your story meghan i am 39 wks today and i am starting for the last couple days to feel sick after eating and having lots of headaches and backaches i also keep getting hot flashes and then my skin feels really clammy i thought maybe i was getting the flu but i guess it could be that im ready to go i had really bad false labor on sunday night contractions were 2-4 min apart for about 3 hrs but that was after 2 tbls of castor oil im also having alot of contractions through the day but not enough to worry about i see the dr tommorow and hopefully i will be dialated he checked me 2 wks ago and said my cervix was starting to thin and he keeps saying labour is really close i hope so i will keep u ladies posted and good luck


meghan - September 21

hey, it sounds like you both may be close! I hope you are, it was so hard towards the end! Let me know when you have your babies, your almost there!!


jo - September 22

iv been having bad backache and period like cramps since last night but worse today mabey when i see dr today he will tell me im in early labor


Moira - September 23

Oh thank you for that! Now I am almost excited! I am 41 weeks and I have an appt. tomorrow to set for sure date of inducement, but last night dh and I had s_x (hoping) and then at 2 am I woke up and when I went to the restroom I was in horrible pain - I actually thought it might be "it", but I couldn't even get up from the toilet and then I hurt so bad for a moment that it made me sick and so I puked in the trashcan (sorry if TMI) and while puking had "the other" from the other end. I just sat there for about 20 minutes trying to recover with a cold cloth on the back of my neck. Then I felt like I could get up and the pain and tightening were gone. But when i wiped, there was blood. So I woke up DH and I called the Dr. He asked if I was still having pain. I had to answer truthfully that no I was not. He asked all kinds of questions about the blood (it was just when I wiped). He told me not to eat or drink anything and to come in to see him first thing this morning (which will be in about an hour and i am already ready to go) or before if I started having any more pains or my bleeding increased. Well obviously I have had no more pains and I am still just slightly pinkish bloody when I wipe. I SO don't want this to be a false alarm! So I am hoping my ending is as happy as yours is! I'll post and let you know when I know! Thanks again!


Meghan - September 23

It totally sounds like you are going into labor! I hope so, good luck!



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