Hormone Tablet Inserted Into Cervix

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redemptive_angel - July 13

I am 39 weeks and 2 days. I was told at my last Dr. appt. that I am 1 cm dialated. I was also told that if I didn't have the baby by my due date then he was going to insert a tablet of hormones into my cervix to "ripen" it. He said it is not induction, because that requires an IV and injections to start/bring on contractions. I am wondering if anyone has ever had a similar tablet, and how long after did you go into labor?


Been There - July 13

What kind of tablet? What is the drug? The only drug I've heard of ripening the cervix is a cervidil. A cervidil contains strong medicine that can bring on contractions. When will he insert the tablet and will you be watched in the hospital when they do so? Ask lots of questions first about affects and how long they will watch you, etc. I'm also interested in seeing what type of tablet he's referring to.


redemptive_angel - July 13

The medications used to help ripen the cervix are all chemically related to the hormone prostaglandin E, which is naturally made by the body in other circ_mstances. It can take the form of a clear gel, suppository, or tablet and be placed next to or inside the cervix, or given by mouth.


krc - July 13

i heard about the tablet thing. It is supposed to help speed up I think but it isn't a guarantee. If it was me i'd hold out and just let the baby come when mother nature says it's ready.


sahmof3 - July 13

I had Cervadil with my first son. For me it brought on strong menstrual- like cramps (actually, I guess they were ctx's, but they weren't bad ctx's). I never dilated past 1/2 cm. after 24 hours of labor, BUT that was because (as I found out at my 20 week u/s with baby # 2) I had scarring of the cervix from an infection after a D&C for m/c. I don't know what the rate of success is with Cervadil, as far as what % of ppl dilate faster or it brings on labor faster with...


Atarahsmommy - July 14

Ok, for those of you who have had cervadil, did it make labor more painful, If I go overdue I want to try other things before I get induced with pitocine because I really want a natural birth with as few interventions as possible, so is it possible for just the cervidil to bring on labor, and if so what is the pain of labor compared to natural labor?


mom.2.5 - July 14

To me it wasn't bad, the first time I had it was with my 5th and he is a month old. It was inserted in me the day I turned 38 weeks and it worked, when it came out in the toilet i was almost 5cm and i came in at a fingertip, to me it was alot less painful than pitocin and it does actually work on its on for some women. I would do it again. Oh and I had to be induced for babies size he came out 8lbs 12oz and was easier to have than the rest of them. .


ashley - July 14

ive heard fo cytotec too



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