Hospital Pack List

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Brandi - December 28

This is my first child so i have never been to the hospital for this reason. I am trying to pack my suitcase ahead of time and I am not quite sure what exactly to put in it. Does anyone know?


amber - December 28

this is my first too, i found a list online that tells you if you wanna gimme your email i can copy and paste you the list.... my email is [email protected]


kerrie - December 29

the labour bag list is an old nighty or t shirt (long) , bobbels for long hair, hair brush, camera film, camera, battreys for camera,socks in case ya feet get cold, food ie snack for u and ya partner , some thing to take ya mind of the labour ie mags playing cards music , your bag hostpital , open front nighty or pjs , dressing gown, towels, nursing bras, b___st pads, matenity pads ,slippers,toothbrush and toothpaste, knickers , toiletries clothes for home , baby bag - nappys ,4x vests, 4x sleepsuits, nappy sacks, baby bath, talc, towel mitts ,socks or booties,bibsx6 , hat ,coat for home and going home outfit, and anything else u might want to add i hope this helps .


ck - December 29

yikes - I wouldn't carry in all that stuff! The hospital will give you tons and remember you'll probably have friends & family bringing stuff. All you need is maybe 1 pair of jammies something to wear home and one outfit for the baby. Why would you need 6 bibs.....?


Christine - December 29

No disrespect but I was thinking the same thing...the hospital wont let you use your own things until you are bringing the baby home...not even diapers...bring a couple...and bring what you need for yourself for your little vacation(lol) keep to a bag if possible...two bags if you dont want to mix your stuff with newborn baby's stuff..good luck


stephanie - December 29

I would go with the list you can find online..I was also given a list by the doctor because the hospital doesn't give you those things anymore...they told me to bring everything I could need or want...


laura - December 29

most hospitals now a days charge u for everything they have to give u.


deb - December 29

i read you should pack undies a night gown slipper a robe pads lotion and books or music for you!!!


KM - January 2

I found i overpacked when I had my baby cause i went according to the list. the hospital pretty much supplied everything there. They gave all baby's supplies, but maybe bring a few outfits for baby.bring the carseat, a snowsuit if its cold and some blankets to bundle him/her up in on the way home.The hospital even gave me formula and diapers for the way home. Call and find out what your hospital supplies. Mine gave pads, disposable underwear so i didnt have to ruin my own.but if not you should bring underwear, LOTS of pads, warm comfy socks, a few of your own nighties if you dont want to wear the hospitals the whole time. a pen for filling out paperwork.some change for the phone and money for cafeteria food if you cant stand the hospitals. Your camera.An outfit for you to go home in. (keep in mind you will still need maternity clothes) and also bring a dressing gown or housecoat, a bag of your toiletteries for showering and stuff, b___st pads, slippers.some hospitals have a fridge where you can bring your own food or juice with your name on it and store it there.I recomended bringing a cabbage so you can put the cold leaves in your bra when engorgement happens.I doubt you'll even want anything to entertain you while youre in labour so I would skip that. the only thing that might be useful is lotion so your partner can give you a good ma__sage.


Nikki - January 3

Pajamas (something easy for nursing, if you plan to b___stfeed), a bathrobe, a couple outfits of maternity clothes and underwear, nursing bra, b___st pads, comfortable shoes, warm socks for labor (During transition phase, my feet got ice cold), breath mints for your labor coach (If you are trying for a natural birth, or will be practicing lamaze, your coach will need to get in your face so you can really focus on your breathing. It is not good if they have bad breath!), personal toiletries and make-up items (ie: soaps, shampoos, brush, sanitary pads, etc.), 2 outfits for baby, diapers, camera and film, snacks for you and dad (in case you have your baby at an off-time when the hospital cafeteria is closed. I was ravenously hungry after labor!), your baby book, if you have one (most of them have a place for the newborn's footprint), books or magazines, beastfeeding pillow (like Boppy). This is what I took and I didn't have too much nor too little stuff.



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