How Bad Does An Epidural Hurt

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Nicole - September 7

I am so scared of how bad the birth is going to hurt...i'm a big baby when it comes to needles...what is an epidural like and how bad does it hurt??


karen - August 24

it didn't hurt going in and you'll feel better during the pain.


deana - August 25

an epidural does not really hurt--you will feel some pressure and weird sensations, but no real pain--if you have the epidural after your contractions are intense, you will not even be worried about the needles. then after the epidural, you will feel no pain, and it is wonderful


missy - August 25

nicole when I had my epidural I did not feel a thing, I really didn't feel a pinch or anything. You won't care when it comes down to it you will be wanting the epidural for the pain to stop.. I was the same way I thought it would hurt but I was totally wrong and it makes you feel really good... good luck


julie - August 26

what about after the epidural? I've heard the headaches and body aches are horrible--- in addition to have just pushed out a baby!?


Nikki - September 2

Julie---Of course after you have a baby you are going to hurt all over---but this is not due to the epidural. Usually you have really bad stomach cramps afterward---but that is due to your body trying to get back to normal and get back to having a period. As far as after-effects of an epidural----I have never heard of the epidural causing any problems like you are talking about. Hope I've helped.


brucen - September 6

Julie There seem to be some risks (as with anything) a__sociated with epidurals. Here are some sites to get you started, but please do some research on your own so you can make an informed decision.,,166374_114928,00.html


Cicely - September 7

I have never had an epidural but I can't imagine it even camparing to a painful contraction. I was a big chicken with my first child and stayed away from all needles. I will not do that this time around. I will accept any releif even if it comes with a few minutes of minor discomfort.



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