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Very worried girl - May 2

Just how bad is the pain of labor? can someone ease my mind? im really worried about this...


nelly - May 4

i had an epidural before i actually got to feel the real bad pain i did feel some contractions but they were not full b__wn contractions the most uncomfortable thing for me was the back labor because the epidural does not numb that part of your back and it is very hard to get comfortable because your hooked up to so much stuff. and the other thing for me that was bad was not being able to eat and drink because i was starving and so thirsty all i could have was ice chips and they told me to not drink the water in the cup. well when i started pushing i ended up vomiting anyways because nothing was on my stomach. i am 7 months now and i am very glad that i know what to expect. good luck with yours.


Stephanie - May 5

This is how my labor about12:00 pm I went out to eat. Then the, now past b/f wanted to go and hit a round of golf b___s at a course, and I was sitting on the bench outside and i had the worst diahrea (sp?) pains that I have ever had in my life. My only concern was where the nearest bathroom was. I sat for a bit and the pain pa__sed. We then went minituare golfing and at about the fifteenth hole, I had to go to the bathroom, and that is where I lost my mucus plug. I also noticed a half dollar size of wetness on my shorts. I then went back and ended the game and told him I thought I could be in labor. We went home and played some video games and I stood up to go to the bathroom and my water broke. Normally you hear that your water cannot break while you are standing up because the baby's head acts like a plug, but that was not my case. I then called the nurse and told her that my water broke and she told me to come in so my doctor could check me. Within about five minutes of my water breaking, I felt the contractions. And yeah, they hurt. I could barely go down the steps to get to the car. We drove to the doctors office, and I was made to sit in full on labor until the doctor could check me. When he finally did he told me that I was at a 6 and they wheeled me to the hospital, which was two floors above the doctor's office. I then got into the room, still having bad contractions and was told to change my clothes. So I did. The nurse was on her way out the door and I yelled to her that I was going to throw up and she immediatley ran back into the room and I threw up in a pan, and she told me that I was in transition phase and that I would be having my daughter very soon. I got an epidural and within two hours, I had my daughter. The labor pains hurt yes, but you will never really be able to explain them, and, with my experience, they don't hurt SO bad. Uncomfortable, yes, but not debilating. Everyone's labor is different, and you will do fine. Just trust your body and your doctor....good luck. BTW, I got to the hospital at 4:00 p.m., and she was born at 6:44 p.m. We were quick!!!


kristina - May 5

I wouldnt worry about the pain. I have never had a child, but women have done it since the beggining of time and we are still getting prenant. Just remember its not going to kill you. I just saw an e-mail of a snake eating a fulll grown kangaroo. If a sake can open its mouth wide enough and it can digest a full grown kangaroo, I am sure we can deliever a baby. Plus you can always have an epidural.


painfull death - May 5

well to be honest it was so bad that I still have the shakes and I had my baby 6 years ago. First it feels like your limbs are pulled off one by one, then it feels like that movie Alien and some "thing" crawls out using all nails and claws and it could be me but I swear my son bit me on the way out and he had fangs I was shocked. My husband immediatly called an exorcist and we were saved... but dont be concerned, I am sure it wont hurt for you at all. honest.


Very worried girl - May 6

Do you usually vomit in labor?


Uh oh - May 6

Do you usually vomit during labor?? i HATE throwing up i sware. i have a phobia of it and even though im pregnant, i still haven't thrown up.


Stephanie - May 6

I have heard that it is a 50/50 chance to throw up. It is apparently a transition sign that you are going to have your baby soon. Whether or not it's true, I don't know. I just know I threw up at the hospital within 45 min of having my daughter.



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