How Can I Jumpstart Labor

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Mom2B - July 12

I'm currently 38 weeks and only 50% effaced and no dialation. Been doing Lots of walking, even tried s_x but nothing. Any suggestion on how to jumpstart labor? Also, has anyone tried LABOR BALM? and is it safe?


JessDT - July 12

hey mom2b, i was like you, i tried everything to get labour going, then i took 3 tablespoons of castor oil, which was really gross, but i went into labour that night! i have a beautiful baby boy!! he is so perfect! hope this helps


DWilson924 - July 13

My doctor told me s_x works better then walking and that walking will only help if labor is close. If labor is not close, then walking won't do a thing, or so she say's. I know when I walk I get cramps/contractions so I'm not sure what to say about that. But I would increase your s_x and keep walking as often as you are. Maybe the 2 will work together and you will have your little bundle of joy soon.


Catrina - July 13

Aww don't feel too bad, I'm right there with you! I'm 39 weeks and I've tried walking, s_x and more s_x, eating pineapple, marching up the stairs, and drinking brown sugar. Everyone says castor oil and my mom said her doctor told her to take it when she was pregnant with me (that was 26 years ago, I don't think doctors actually recommend it anymore!) and it worked for her, she went into labor the next morning! I'm scared to try it though because it's supposed to be pretty disgusting and then with the diarrhea and cramping, etc. If I go past my due date though, I think I'll give anything a try! Good luck to you! And congratulations Jess, way to come on here and make us jealous!!! lol


mom.2.5 - July 14

I tried everything known to man and nothing worked. with my 1st i tried the castor oil and after all that i would go over a month before i would do it again ( it didin't work either). just relax and wait it out, believe it or not you will miss that big belly when its over . I have 5 and my last is a month old and i already miss it.



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