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lina - March 23

i suppose my question is more for teeangers. but i was wondering, when you have your first, is all of it just instinct? or do you by baby books and read a lot pre-delivery? i'm not talking about big things, just all the small things that every mother seems to know. how much of this information come already packed into your head? i am only 17, and i am scared i will be a terrible mother or not know what my baby needs/wants. i know i can call my mom if i have any questions, but for every single little thing? should i buy baby books and start now? i'm nine weeks. i guess i'm just confused. i'm so worried about my baby, everything worries me. i'm worried that she/he won't wake me up at night. i'm worried that i won't know what i am doing once they arrive. i'm worried that i will lose my mind when i don't know why they are crying. just any advice for a first time stressed mom-to-be would be great. thanks.


claire - March 23

completely there. i'm only 18, and nervous as heck. the only i can recommend is just go with the flow and relax. the next few months will give you a lot more time than you think, to get you started on mommyhood. i have found that reading DOES help, but you can't nessecarily believe everything word for word. If you have any questions, ask your doctor. Having supportive parents does help a heap.. so have faith in them. right now, focus on the pregnancy and make sure that you are taking care of yourself, so in the meantime you are taking care of the fetus growing inside of you. keep your chin up, .. we'll get through it.


Christie - March 23

I'm only 16 and scared as hell. i'm worried about all the same things...but I have siblings that are young (anywhere from age 14 to age 1) and I know that we worry about it all because we are new mommys. i'm sure that once our babys are born, we will have instincts that will let us know and it will kick in. plus, we all know that moms worry..check out our moms.


BonnyBubble - March 23

I had my daughter when i was 17 and i went through the same thing as you, i was worried i would be a c___p mother never knowing what to do for the best but..... once you have your baby in your arms you will know instantly what to do for the best for your baby. Never let anyone tell you that you are to young or inexperianced. You WILL know trust me, and the fact that you are worried about it says that you will be a good mother. Best of luck to all of you.


chrissie - March 29

I had my 1st baby at 30 and had all the same worries. I don't think it is an 'age thing', I read everything available about babies and parentling, and then choose my own way of doing things. It is also really good to talk to other mums with babies around the same age...just to make you realise that what you are experiencing is normal, and for moral support. Breast feeding is the best way to bond for you and your baby. Also babies and children of all ages need lots of kisses, cuddles and talking. You'll do great I'm sure!


elijahsmom - March 30

Seriously I read a ton of books but it will come naturally! Some good books to get are "what to expect when expecting" and for after baby "Healthy sleep habits, happy child" Dont you worry Hon..i can see how I would be scared to being sooo young to have a child but the fact that you are showing you care sooo much now is what makes you already an amazing MOMMY! dont worry you will do great and be a great mom and if you didnt worry that would worry me..we all worry!


cristen326 - March 31

Please don't worry too much over this. I was 21 when my first was born and I was a nervous wreck. Everything just sorta falls into place, you and your baby will learn from each other. Its kinda special. I'm 25 with my second on the way and I'm still nervous! Your age has nothing to do with how good of a mother you will be. The fact that it's important to you shows that your on the right track. I have faith in you.


mom2b2x - April 8

This is a worry every mother has regardless of age and of course with other pregnancies you worry about diffrnet things as well as the same ... i am 36 weeks prego with my second and i worry that i wont be able to take care of him the way i did my daughter... Actually i think if you dont have any worries at all as a first time mother then i would be concerned .. also you wont know everything right off the bat but you will know most of it . If you would like to get books or take cla__ses go ahead and do it i promise you that you can never be too prepared and if something does coe up that you dont know dont worry it wont take long to figure it out.... Good luck and congrats


C - April 8

Do you live at home? My sister had her first at 17 and my mom helped her out a lot. Also at the school she attended they had parenting cla__ses. I am 33 and I still needed to read a lot and I do suggest getting some books out of the library if you can't afford to buy them. My nephew is now 9 and has a half brother and sister. All in all my sister did a wonderful job.


Heather L - April 9

WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE FIRST YEAR is a great book. It goes month by month. And always be willing to call your mom. I am sure she'll have alot of advice for you. Good luck.


falafal0 - April 10

I as 19 when I had my first baby, and I was so nervous and worried. One piece of advice is - Don't take too much advice! If you talk to ltos of different women or people about it, you'll get overwhelmed with all of their opinions, however good intentioned they may be. Your mum sound slike she's in for the ride with you - stick with her and perhaps a close friend who you can trust as well. I got heaps of advice, wether asked for or not, from people, and my head just span out of control - what about this, what about that, this contracticted this and that...too much. You want to be stable at this time. Sure, everyone has the owrries about their first baby because if it new and you are unexperienced, but have around you those that you trust to help and explain, wether family or a baby helpline. You will learn as you go along, everyone has to learn. Good luck..


Olivene - April 10

"What to Expect the First Year" is very helpful. I also bought a baby first aid and illness guide. I say read what you can and be confident. You'll do great. Your love will guide you quite well. Don't hesitate to ask questions to those you trust. Don't worry. You'll be great!


2StarsOnMyBack - April 12

hi, im 20 years old, 37 weeks along, and up untill i was 30weeks i had never even seen a picture of a woman giving birth. it was the last thing on my mind, i have never held a newborn and i am starting to get awful nervous about what is going to happen and about me being so ignorant i wont know what to do. just thinking about this makes me very sad...


ajs gurl - May 12

hey gurl i just turned 19 in april and i am 37 weeks you are gonna be ok after the baby is born your gonna hear the baby cry at night your motherly instincts will come in to play just relax. you will know exactly what your baby needs it'll just take time.....relax.



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