How Did You Feel The Day Night Before You Went Into Labor

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Marsha - March 28

One of my cousin's told me she felt like she had the flu...I've never had the flu, but today I woke up feeling really tired and sluggish and just not good...I am 37 weeks 5 days and am about 50% effaced but have barely dialated at all. Thanks in advance!


cors1wfe - March 29

I felt very agitated and anxious...not really flu like symptoms just antsy and a little cranky - I rested alot and when my contractions started i was calm and ready to go into labor.


cher_don - March 29

i also felt agitated and really restless, like i didnt know what to do with myself :=)xx


Krissy25 - March 30

I was shocked the day my water broke and i went into labor b/c just a few days before my doctor had told me i had no dilation or effacement and i was 3 weeks early but looking back on that day i think there were quite a few signs. For one, like the other ladies said, i was anxious and felt like i really needed to get things ready for the hospital and get all kinds of other things around the house done. I was doing a bunch of laundry that day too and that is when my water broke. Also i was with my mom that day and she had told me after the baby was born that i looked like the baby had dropped and that i looked really uncomfortable, more that usual. The few days before i had felt so tired and sluggish so i had thought it was a little strange that i had a sudden burst of energy the day my dd was born. I remember feeling a lot of extra pressure that day, probably b/c she had dropped. But no flu like symptoms, except for being tired. It's hard to say though b/c you can feel really c___ppy a lot towards the end but you can also have good days too, it's one of those things when you look back you will probaly see the signs were there.


VintageButterfly - April 29

I felt like i KNEW I was going to go into labor. Me and my husband went out to dinner and I had the feeling to just something light and nothing greasy or heavy...and when I went to sleep, I just had that feeling. and sure enough.... at 2:30 am I went into labor and on the way to the hospital my water broke.. LOL



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