How Did You Go Into Labor

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jessica - January 8

i would love to hear stories of how others went into labor.


KM - January 9

I went in to get cervidil gel and was supposed to come in the next morning for my induction (waters broken,pitocin) but the cervidil ended up putting me in labour. we went out to eat after i got the gel and I started having terrible back pain, and had to go to the bathroom a I got home and took a bath and i felt better. I went to have a nap and woke up a couple hrs later having contractions 5 mins apart.hey admitted me at the hospital and I had my baby 13 hrs later via cesarean section.


kerrie - January 12

with my first baby i went 10 days past my due date from a week before my dd i was taking rasberry tea leaf tablets i had my own flat but the night before i went in to labour i got very upset and wanted to stay at my mums it was weird it was as if my body told me to stay with my mum ........ i woke up at in the morning with very bad back pain very much like period pains bt slightly worse i went down on my own and timed every time i got a contraction they were comin every 10 mins for a couple of hours but then they started to speed up they started come every 3mins and at 7am my mum got up to go work i told her i was in labour and at 8am we were at the hospital i was only 2 cm dilated wen we got there it was a very long labour they had to pop my waters to speed it up i start to get very tired so they had to give me a helping had i had an episiotomy and the delivered him with forceps and vontus which is like a hover he was born a big 9lb i was in labour 37 hours ........... my 2nd was 6 hours from start to finish i woke up with contractions i got my midwife to come to my house to check me out and i was 5 cm i went to the hospital sortly after that wen we got there at 8pm i was going on for 6cm so they poped my waters and my little girl was born at 12.13pm it took my just 13mins to push her out and i only used gas and air third was very differant it seemed to take hours to get to 5 cm they had to pop my waters to help him out all in all i was in labour 22 hours but right at the end it went very fast and my partner delivered him with the midwife at 2.10 am i had gas and air plus a shot of pethadine...... im just hopin i have a good birth this time round im 39 wks with a little boy iv never had to be induced and i hope i wont have to this time .


Beatriz - January 21

I will be 39 weeks tomarrow and i still haven't dialated, my cervix has opened to where my Dr. was able to put his pinkie in, but that's all. My husband is in the militrary and should be leaving in 4 days, what can i do to have my child before he leaves? can i take anything or drink anything or simply just go and get induced?


withak - January 21

I woke up in the morning on my husbands birthday, and went to make his luch for him. I was standing there in the kitchen when all the sudden I thought I had peed on myself. No, my water had broke. I went into the hospital at 8:00am and the baby was born @ 3:00pm. It was great. I hope this one goes as smoothly :).


Chris - January 21



KM - January 21

Your doctor has to agree to induce you and scheduele the induction.


Cathy - January 22

With my son I was 35 weeks pregnant when my waters broke while I was sleeping. It was 1.30am. I went straight to the hospital and started getting contractions an hour later. He was born at 4.08pm weighing 4lb 15oz.


Mommy2Kylie - January 22

My water broke at 8:30pm November 5th 2004, at 8:50 I had my first contraction which took over my whole body, I couldn't stand up straight or even walk, five minutes after that I had another one, and from there on out they started getting closer and closer, I got to the hospital at a little after 10:00pm and had my daughter Kylie at 10:50pm, she was 6lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. So all together my labor was about 2 hours. :)



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