How Do I To Start Dialation And Effacement

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Jenn In Texas - October 28

Im 36 weeks pregnant but that is debatable. My Doctor is starting to suspect im farther along. So if I am, how can I help my cervix thin out?


Me - October 28

Have lots of s_x. Not only does orgasms help contract a tiny bit but the s____n helps ripen your uterus.


kim j - October 28

lots if s_x works.... i am almost 38 weeks and went to the doc on monday. i was only a finger tip.... i went agian on thursday and i was almost 2 and 50% effaced and at a -2.. sooooo i would have to say s_x works. we try and do it eveynight. we were like robots trying to get pregnant and now we are like robots trying to get him gl ladies.


lisa - October 29

at the moment id rather do my own cesarian than have s_x!!!


LOL @ Lisa - October 29

LOL @ Lisa! I know how you feel !!!


km - November 3

I think the s_x helps too but, I think that walking and being active helps too because it really doesn't matter if you keep dilating and the baby DOESN'T want to come out.... I'm 4cm and 70% effaced at my 1st every week visit but my doctor said that doesn't necessarily mean he is coming any sooner she said I could stay that way until the end of the month.... so, there has to be another way to make the baby want to come than s_x! Plus, s_x isn't the most enjoyable things currently...LOL, maybe once I lose the 35lbs the baby added.


same here - November 22

good question, cuz i would love to know the answer to , cuz i am one cent. dialtated and not effaced at all. and i want to have this kid!! s_x isn't an option cuz my hubby isn't around. and walking makes me crampy..any other ideas??


Stephanie - November 24

I'm in the same boat ladies. Yesterday I was 3cm and almost 80% effaced. The thought of s_x right now isn't exactly high on my list, as I'm so crampy and uncomfortable. I drink raspberry tea, but have no idea if that's actually working. Tastes good and it's cold out, so what the heck? Also, I march up and down the stairs and try to walk around as much as possible.



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