How Do You Know If The Baby Has Dropped

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Tanya - July 8

I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and was wondering how i would know if the baby has dropped. I dont really pee more than i usually do, and I still get heartburn/acid reflux. Is there some other way of knowing?


T. - July 8

Besides the heartburn getting better and having to pee more, your tummy will look a lot lower. Plus, you may feel a lot more pelvic pressure.


SARAH - July 12

I had to pee twice as often, and had more cramping and pressure down low. I wasn't sure so asked the doc to check (at 36 weeks).


cajun01 - July 13

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I think the baby dropped a couple weeks ago. I can't physically see a difference, but I did start peeing in the middle of the night (at least once a night). I still get heartburn occasionally, but not much. The main reason why I think the baby dropped is because I can feel its head bopping against my lower pelvic floor/cervix, and it hurts (like pinching or a twinge to me).


Carey - July 13

I asked my doc the same question, because I was having such bad indigestion. She actually had to push and prod the head to see if it was still wiggling or already settled. It was settled and I had no idea. I didn't have to urinate any more often and it still looks like I am carrying high. The only thing that has changed is the semi-sharp pains very low that I sometimes get.


M - July 13

I am 38 weeks and about a week or two ago i started feeling lots of pressure in my lower pelvis and even rectum usually only in certain positions (especially while sleeping), i also look like im carrying lower and i'm not sure if this is from my baby dropping, but i havent had a single stretch mark until i started feeling pressure and suddenly i got a couple of stretch marks on my lower abdomen, that part could just be coinicedence, thats pretty much all the changes i noticed, everybody's different though :) good luck


Tiffany - July 13

You have to pee alot more and you will feel alot of pressure in your pelvis expecially when you're standing or walking.


Chelsea Duguay - August 7

how do you tell when the babys head has dropped? can you really even tell?


Nick - August 8

I am 37 weeks and my baby has dropped, but my appearance looked the same as before and I was still having heartburn. The only difference was pain and pressure in my pelvic area.


Lindsay - August 8

I am almost 38 weeks and my baby hasn't dropped yet, I am carrying very high. This being my first baby.... doesn't the baby have to drop a couple weeks before labor? I am dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. Has anyone had the baby drop right before labor with a first child?


miranda - August 9

Lindsay, my first baby didn't drop before labor. In fact, she was still high when I was nearing transition. It turned out she was sunny-side-up, but I don't know if that had anything to do with it.


lindsay - August 10

Miranda.... did the baby flip face down in time to deliver? Or did she deliver face up?


Julia - August 10

Usually someone who doesn't see you everyday would be able to tell. Ask someone who you see on a weekly basis, like a neighbor or co worker or friend.......they should be able to look at you and tell you if you've dropped. Someone who sees you everyday won't be able to tell, or even looking at yourself you won't be able to tell.


miranda - August 10

Lindsay - no she didn't turn. She was already in the birth ca___l when the dr realized it and she tried to turn her but she would not be turned. I had to push her out that way and it wasn't very fun!


Heather - August 26

I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins and I am wondering if anyone has experience with twins and there dropping. I have always had to pee a lot the entire pregnancy but I am finally able to breathe again but I dont know if baby A has dropped yet. Any clues on how to tell? My belly is so huge I wouldn't be able to tell. My mom said last time she seen me ( a couple days ago) that they looked really low, but isn't that to early? I mean I'm only 31 weeks...


Jay - August 27

Being a first time mother myself, I am still confused. According to the doctor the baby is in position. And, I do get the cla__sic symptoms; constant urination, pressure, heartburn, etc... On the other hand, I am four days overdue.


hi - September 4

the space between your b___sts and the baby.once the baby drops you will notice there is a space there where there was once a hump,lol.



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