How Do You Know Labor Is Looming

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impatientMamma - November 14

I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and I was wondering how you might know labor is looming? What physical symptoms might you experience aside from the obvious contractions, mucus plug, water breaking, etc...?


impatientMamma - November 15

anyone who has had previous babies know?


klm - November 15

I would like to know as well, but I think its different for everyone. Some days I feel like I was hit by a truck then others I feel fine. I have had to poop a lot which they say some women will do, your body cleaning out the pipes so say in preperation. I don't think I've lost my mucous plug, I get some cramping which at times when I'm laying down hurts bad but if I get up and move they go away so I know its not real. I have never been a patient person and this is killing me!


hee hee - November 17

You get this really big belly and then you know labor is coming!


Joanna - November 17

Pain in your lower back, diarrhea, and pressure (along with losing your mucuous plug) are all signs of pre-labor. Unfortunately, pre-labor can last for 24 hours or weeks. (not much help--that's the frustrating thing!)


Nikki - November 17

I'm 39 weeks and very frustrated! My first baby came at 37 weeks, so you can imagine my impatience. I have planned for this pregnancy so I knew I was pregnant even before I did the pregnancy test, because I had s_x only on my ovulation dates. So, this 39 weeks is so long!! In answer to your question, you may start to have cramps in your lower abdomen and back pains. Also, there is the obvious spotting or pa__sing mucus or clots. The most obvious is the breaking of the head waters. Good luck. I've been dying to go into labor so much so, that sometimes I feel these incredible pains but they are brought on by my mind.


Sophia - November 17

I knew I was in labor because the contractions got painful. My abdomen would tighten and then I my hips would hurt from inside. It feels like they're being pushed apart, or put under a lot of pressure. I was in labor for 12 hours before giving birth. The pains increase in intensity as you progress toward giving birth.


impatientMamma - November 18

Thanks guys!!!!!



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