How Do You Know You Re Really In Labour

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Mary Burrows - February 6

I'm getting cramps but not sure.


Tammy276 - February 6

Can you time them? I wouldn't go too much on cramps alone because I get them all the time when I get BH contractions...If you can time them and they are consistently close together, then you are in labor.....if they are not consistent, then you are not.


Smilefull - February 12

you know you're in labour when, you can't talk through the contractions anymore.


Tammy276 - February 12

thats not necessarily true. some woman don't get contractions that are that painful. My sister talked through all of her contractions and finally when she asked for the epidural, it was too late because she was 10 cm already. YOu are in labor when your contracitons are coming at normal, timeable intervals, no matter how painful or painless they are.


Shannon - February 13

for me contractions were VERY painful. my entire belly hurt. i agree to time them, if they're longish and fairly close together, get your b___t to the hospital!


kvilendrer - February 13

The doctors kept telling me that I would know when I was in labor, but I didn't. I went to the hospital like 5 times before I had my son (false labor). All of my contractions were pretty intense (even the nurse said so). And they actually got closer together and everything. I had a doc's appointment the day before my due date, and I told my doc that I was having contractions on a daily basis, and she said that if I happen to have contractions the next day, to go to the hospital and she would come and induce me. Turns out, the next morning I went to the hospital thinking I was going to be induced, but I was actually in labor on my own. I was 4 cm dilated and I didn't even know it. He came right on his due date.


Krist - February 15

Mary, I was getting regualr intense cramps that would last for about 30secs. I went to the hospital only to be told that my cervix was softening but I hadn't dilated. This continued for 2 days. On the 3rd day I started having proper contractions.



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