How Far Do You Have To Travel To The Hospital

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mandee25 - May 13

I will have to travel 90 minutes to get to the hospital I want to have my baby at. I was wondering how far you girls will have to travel for that.


krista-lee - May 13

its about a 15 minute drive for me, i guess im lucky : ]


starr - May 13

The Women's Hosp that I will be at is about 20 mins away. I was a bit worried about the location because even though it's only 20 mins away I live in the city and there is lots of traffic and a 20 min trip could take much longer if traffic is a problem. Also I was worried because with my other two babies, I stayed at home until I couldn't take the contractions any longer then I went to the hosp. but we lived in another county with less traffic then.With this one I may have to go in a little sooner. Good Luck.


Dawn - May 14

The hospital that I want to have my baby at is about 15 minutes away.


kelley32 - May 14

90 mins away??!! I hope you plan on going in before labor progresses very far ... I was in labor for 12 hours at home, then went to the hospital in hard labor and that drive was the worst 10 minutes of the whole thing ... all the bumping around and movement was really unpleasant. This time I am about 30 mins from my hospital and I have already asked them if I can come in earlier because I'm so far away.


SamiB - May 15

We are about 75 miles away from our hospital. Where I live there are not many close hospitals that deliver babies. The closest one would be 55 miles and that would be with 30 miles of gravel.. sometimes it's just one of those things I guess.


BabySage - May 15

My hospital is less than a 10 minute drive from me. I am very lucky....


Steph - May 15

My hosptial is 5 minutes from my house, my mom's house, and my work. Very centrally located.


Roary - May 16

I live 4 blocks from the maternity hospital. The drive is maybe 2 minutes. This is quite a relief to me, as you can imagine.


mandee25 - May 22

I do plan on getting to the hospital before labour progresses too far. You ladies with a short distance to travel to the hospital should consider yourself lucky. lol


Rans - May 25

We live across the street from our hospital. About a 30 second walk from our back door. It would take longer to get in the car, back out of the driveway and park at the hospital that it would to walk across. Guess we are lucky!


ashley - May 26

The hospital I am going to is about 50 miles away or so.



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