How Goods Is Sex To Induce Labour

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kerrie - January 1

hi can anyone tell me how good s_x is to help me kick start my labour im 38 wks 1/2 cm dilated and 80% effaced and my midwife told me to have s_x with my partner to help move thing along has it worked for anyone else plz let me know


KM - January 2

the prostglandins in s____n will help soften your cervix. in most cases it wont start labour, well pretty much in every case. but it will help prepare your cervix to start dialating.


Carie - January 6

S_x hasn't worked for us yet. I am 40 weeks and 3 days, almost 4 cm dilated and 75% effaced. There is no sign labour will begin. It is fun in the beginning but now it feels like we have to do it because I don't want to miss an opportunity to have this baby naturally. I have 4 days until my induction. Fingers crossed.


Ann - January 10

S_x worked for me, I was a week early. I had s_x the night before and the next afternoon my water broke and I had my son.


TN - January 23

I am not dilating as of yet. Have any suggestions for me to get me started? I am 37 weeks with Diabetes and my doctor wants to see some dilating starting.


tiffany - February 4

it helped us, i started slow labor 4 hours after we did and iwas 2 weeks earlywe didnt do this on purpose.


Nessa - February 5

hey i juststarted my 38th week and all s_x does for me is give me bad pains in my cervix area. Like horrible period pains that last the whole day but nothing special ever happens.


KM - February 7

Like I said, it will help you start dialating and will possible help bring on mild contractions. The prostglandins in s____n will soften the cervix.They are the same thing that the are in the cervidil gel that the doctors use to prepare for induction, except, there is way less in s____n.Walking will help, nipple stimulation may start contractions up a bit. DO not use blue or black cohsoh or castor oil. This is VERY dangerous for the baby. Just be active, do some vac_ming, walk for an hour everynight.Raspberry leaf tea, will not start labour. But it will help tone and prepare your uterus and may make labour a bit easier.It is typically used in preperation for childbirth.


emmi - February 8

I'm due tomorrow and s_x last night has had no effect so far...


Ms. Star - February 8

S_x hasnt helped us so far, im 3 days overdue. I walk for an hour a day and still nothing, they stripped my membranes yesterday so we will see what happens.


sharon - February 10

hi it worked for me i was due on the 31st aug with my first and after having s_x at night the next day she was born, on the 29 aug, 2 days early and she was born in 4 and a 1/2 hrs!with no pain relief and only 15 mins pushing if that that'll be what ill be doing with my next to start me off!! good luck


Christine - February 17

I have tried almost all of the old wives tales with no result. I worked at a job that is very physical (including heavy lifting) upto 36 weeks. I've had more frequent s_x since I have become pregnant and we are overdue with no dilation and no effacement and it looks like I will most likely have to be induced. Good luck.


Tara - February 24

I heard s_x really works. So I would try it. I'm going to try it tonight. But you have to make sure you orgasm and get the s____n inside you.


ls - March 7

i have tryed it every day and its not worked for me


courtney - March 10

Semen has all the same properties of the cream they use on your cervix to ripen it; prostglandins. So its worth a try!


Kristen - March 11

I just want to know anyway to help speed up the processof labor. I walk every night, s_x here and there, and I've even scrubbed my kitchen floor. Just a few I've tried. The s_x thing I'm not sure works, but it sounds cool to at least try. If anyone has anything they can tell me, my e-mail is [email protected] Just let me know. Thank you.


Tammie R - March 14

I'm 38wks with my second child. On my first child I carried a bucket of coal inside from the coalshed, as I was afraid the fire would go out and I had no idea when my partner was due back home. went into a long labour the following morning, and by 9pm that night i was ready to go to hospital. The baby was born at 1 am. I'm with someone else now, and no we aint got solid fuel heating...



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