How Long Can It Be Til Delivery If I M 1 Cm Dialated

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amandawildcat - December 14

i'm 36 weeks pregnant and i've been 1 cm dilated for 3 days now. how long can it be until i go into labor or get other symptoms. i'm also losing the mucus plug.


byansmommy - December 14

with my first i was 1 cm diliated since i was five months pregnant and this one i was a small one since about 30 weeks and im 36 now i dont know if im diliated any more cause they didnt want to check me and cause me to go into labor early and loosing your mucus plug normally mean that you have about two weeks left but not necesserially you can still go all the way to 41w and still only be dialiated to one you just never know good luck


amhensiek - December 14

I was asking the same thing six weeks ago. I was put on bedrest at 34 weeks for contractions, and I was 2cm dialated, 80% effaced. That was two weeks before Thanksgiving, and they thought I would have a baby by Thanksgiving. Now, I am three days away from my due date and I am still 2cm, 80%. I also lost a lot of my plug over the first week I was on bedrest, then it stopped, and now I have been losing more this week. I wish I could tell you two weeks, but that's what they told me and I am still here. I hated when people told me she would come when she was ready, but I actually believe that now.... She'll be here soon so I'll see her then :)


preggoplease - December 14

I was 2 cm dilated for 2 months. Then I was 3cm at 38 weeks and went in to labor 3 days later. So I think it all depends on the woman. It is good you are dilating early tho!


savanna - December 15

i was 11/2 centimeters and 60% at 35 weeks and then at 36 weeks i was 3cm and 75% effaced and now im 38 weeks and still 3cm so we'll see what happens.


^lucy^ - December 25

i already had my baby 7 months ago.. but i was 1 cm dilated at 37 weeks and 6 days.. 1 week after that exactly i had my baby naturally.. dr told me i'll have only 1 week to go and she was so precisely correct!!


babii_boo91 - December 25

Umm it could be awhile before you go into labour hunn.. but it could happen just like that, if your worried about your mucous plug you should call your doctor and see what they say.. GOOD LUCK


Tammy276 - December 26

hon, you could walk around like that for weeks yet!! When I was preggo w/ my son, I was 3cm and 100% effaced at my 36 week check up and I walked around like that for 3 weeks until i was induced...The good thing about it is you're already starting to dialate which means you will probably have a faster labor!!



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