How Long Did You Push

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mizliz - February 22

I am due in 2 weeks!! This is my first child and its a boy!:) I was just wondering if you guys would like to share how long you pushed with your first? How long did it actually feel like? What was the most difficult part of pushing? How did you get through it?


Joannav - February 22

with my first they had to pop my water, after that nothing. we, well i laid there for about 30 minutes then about 15 minutes for pushing my son came. but everyone is different.


erin - February 22

With my first I pushed for 2 hours. I think it was so hard and last so long because they had me on my back. I don't advise being on your back!!! The hardest part for me was that I didn't have the urge to push so I couldn't tell when to push and when not to. But if you are more upright, either on your hands and knees or something like that, probably it will go a lot better than my first! In all honesty, I don't know how I got through it. I just knew I couldn't quit, that wasn't an option!


pbj - February 23

I pushed my dd out in 40 minutes, I was also on my back though and I had an epidural. I had a great doctor/nurse though...only one st_tch...and that was only because I was listening to my husband tell me to push when the doctor was telling me to stop pushing. Everyone is different, if you feel you need to change positions, let the nurse know. I felt the hardest part of pushing was the first few pushes, not understanding where to push in order for it to be effective. Then just being out of breath...I had an epidural so I didn't feel any pain, just pressure, my dh kept telling stupid jokes while I was pushing; so between laughing and pushing I was totally out of breath.


Erin1979 - February 23

With my daughter I had an epidural and was on my back. I could feel the pressure and so that was how I knew to push. The nurse told me to push like I was having a BM, and it worked great! DD was out in 20 minutes....with a few st_tches mind you!


TamE78 - February 23

My water broke at 2am, my son was born at 2pm. I was a nervous wreck! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and once you see your little bundle of joy you forget about the pain! I pushed for 1 hour, the most difficult part for me was the crowning, but you just have to keep focused!


MichelleB - February 23

About 10-15 minutes, with lots of st_tches for first baby. All are different.


MichelleB - February 23

To answer your other questoins, it felt like 1 minute to me. It was a relief to start pushing as apposed to contractions. I actually had trouble feeling the contractions during the pushing ( I was natural too). The hardest part was feeling that you could not push even a little bit harder, but somehow you had to.


KrisD - February 23

I can't remember how long... I have heard my husband tell people before... Maybe 1 hr 15 minutes? The pushing wasn't the worst for me (I hated the contractions worse). But I can remember being really tired (but I had contractions that they had to keep stopping for 2 weeks!! No sleep, hardly any food for all that time) And I remember having a little conversation with myself in my head... Thinking, okay, I gotta make a bigger effort here... And the baby was born with in minutes! It was like a real long workout... I hope this doesn't scare you - It was much better than I thought.


jg - February 23

I pushed for 45 minutes. In one way it seemed like forever, in another it was over in an instant! Weird....



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