How Many Spoons Of Castor Oil Not Oz

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lisa - October 15

I dont understand how many ozs are a table/tea spoon, ive just taken one table spoon with lemonade threw a straw and it was fine I guess ive not taken enough as loads of women talk about how they cant drink it/makes them 39 weeks by the way and have been having period pains and back ache for a few days now and lots of bh tightenings, hope this works, i cant wait to meet my baby, my mum had us kids at 36/37 and 38 weeks, i never thought id get this far.


Just me - October 15

Please do not use castor oil. It can make the baby have a bowel movement before you deliver. In some cases the mothers didn't know that and their babies had the bowel movement and ended up swallowing it. They choked to death. I know this because it happened to one of my own cousins. Also my doctor told me not to use castor oil for the same reason. Good luck.


to just me - October 16

from lisa, I checked with my midwife and she said its fine, babies have bowel movements in utero even without caster oil, you cant just blame it, theyve been using castor oil for years in the medical proffession, and my midwife said it would not cause the baby to die, you dont know that your counsins baby did that because of the caster oil, my friends baby who is 12 weeks old did the same and my friend couldnt see her baby for two hours, but she hadnt drunk caster oil, undoubtedly though if she had of done, everyone would have blammed the oil. by the way i took two spoonfulls yesterday and it didnt even loosen my bowels


Ashley - October 16

I was 11 days overdue the doctors wouldnt induce me so I took caster oil I took 3/4 of a 1oz bottle! I took it at 9pm, 3:30am I went into labor, 9:59am I gave birth to my son!


sian - October 18

lisa-ive heard 4 tablespoons.not completely sure though, i would like to know the same thing-dont understand oz.iam due saturday and am very sore and uncomfortable.hopefully not much longer for the both of us.i might try castor oil tonight!


Bonnie - October 18

Some doctors are okay with castor oil, some are not. I'm not going to debate the right and wrongs of it, but at least be aware that there is a risk. I'm sure the risk is small (I doubt it's any greater than eating raw eggs) but it's still a risk. I think you just have to weight the possible benefits verses problems. I really don't know what I will do at the time as I am 26 weeks and not miserable yet, lol. I just think people should know that there is a potential complication from using it (you can research about it on the Web to make your own informed decision), 1 oz equals 3 tablespoons. Goodluck!


Ash - October 18

it does give you the runs, but the pain from that brings on the contractions, well at least it did for me!


Bonnie - October 19

It does give you diarreha which can bring on contractions. Like anything you take though, it can also give the baby the poos which can cause major problems. The baby can actually poo on it's own as well once you get far enough along. Like I said, it's a risk but a small one. I really don't like the idea of taking the chance so I doubt I would do it. Then again, I am only 26 weeks and not desperately uncomfortable either, lol. We'll see how I feel when the time comes. I would suggest that people try tonot take it just in case, unless they are really that miserable. I doubt the risk is much higher than getting food poisoning, but then again, I couldn't find enough difinitive information that could list the risks in percentages.


Shannon - October 19

I know a few people who have taken it and it has indeed put them in labor with no problems. i personally tried taking it with my last child and I drank a whole ounce bottle and it did nothing for me but kept me sitting on the toilet. so everybodys bodies are different but I have seen no proven facts that it can harm your child. Obvioulsy i wouldnt of drank it. I had a healthy baby boy. and he came when the time was right for him,...good luck to you all


sian - October 20

lisa- how much did you take?


Ash - October 20

when I took it my son did use the bathroom while he was inside of me but he is perfectly fine!! once they broke my water, everything came out!


Bonnie - October 20

Hi Lisa, I believe you which is why I won't judge anyone for this until I am in the situation, lol. And while all the Web sites I found on it do admit the danger, it seems to be pretty mild like taking certain medicines. I think people should just weigh the benefits verses the risks. Heck, I had a month where my nose clogged up so bad and, I guess because the size of me (I started showing early.), I couldn't breath well and started feeling panicky. I broke down and took a nasal spray as I figured by that point, my panicking was just as bad for the baby. When is your due date Lisa? Are you nervous? (I am petrified)


Michelle - October 20

Hi, I miserably tried this. Drank the whole bottle without even any signs of starting labor and being two weeks late. It didn't work for me. I would not recommend this, as I have a friend who did not have any success with this either. I recommend drinking a gallon on rasberry tea which is very safe and will start contractions.


Jane - October 20

I took two table spoons in a pint size milk shake and went into false labor about three hours later that night I tried it again in OJ the next afternoon and just took a satisfying boo boo. I sugest if you try it. Mix it with the milk shake. It mixes up better and you taste it less. In the OJ it stays on top unless you stir ir fast then take a sip, even then you can still taste it more and feel it all seperated in your mouth. (oil and water don't mix) Put it in a shake, shake it up and then enjoy it before it melts if your going to try it.


lisa - October 20

firstly sian i took two table spoons in lemonade and orage juice half pint, horrid though, and bonnie Im due saturday!! yes two days away, im actually not nervous about the birth, my mum has told me very positive exeriences and i just cant wait now, although i had false labour on sun and when iu was heading to hospital it suddenly scared me the reality!!! i wouldnt ever take it again, interestingly my midwife told me to take caulophyllum (cau- li-fi-lum) tablets to induce labour, 1-2 tablets 3 times a day??? dont know much about it yet, but she said they give them to people when labour stalls and also 1 per hour during labour??


Bonnie - October 20

Wow, good luck Lisa!! I am soooo nervous about labour. I'm hoping that by the end of this pregnancy, like you guys, I will just be wanting him out! heh Good luck on your labour, let us know how it goes after. BTW, have you tried any of the other stuff like the red raspberry tea?


lisa - October 20

yes ive tried rasp leaf tea since 35 weeks but that just makes your uterous more effective during labour, ps ive just read about cauyphyllum some bad things and wont take it again, weird my midwife reccommened it? good luck with your pregnancy bonnie



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