How Much Swelling Is TOO MUCH

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Too Tired To STILL Be Pregnant! - July 25

I started swelling when I was only 4 months along, and the Dr told me it was normal, and not to worry as long as it didn't go into my hands, face and feet. (I had Preeclampsia with my first), but after I turned about 7.1/2 months the swelling moved and now it has gotten so bad that the tops of my feet look like balloons! If I press into the top, I have an inch indention, and can do that to my CANKLES and HAM HOCKS I use to call calves too. Is this normal? All I get from the MidWives is "oh you poor thing!" but they don't understand the pain that comes with it. I can really feel the skin on my feet stretching and ripping. UGH! And nothing works to make it go down. Not lots of water or putting my feet up.. ANY IDEAS?


D - July 25

I think drinking alot of water will help the swelling go down, I was very swollen with my first, now I'm almost 40 weeks and I'm not swollen at all, I am now a water addict.


NG - July 26

As long as you don't get high blood pressure as well as swelling. If you blood pressure is not normaly high then any thing over 140/90 is a worry. I am shocked at you midwives reaction because you have a history of preeclampsia. They should be concerned and keeping a close eye on you. Do they check your blood pressure each visit? ( they should) and you urine as well .Do you have any other symptoms like blurred vision, headaches, fever, rapid heart beat, pain in upper abbs. If after 12 hours of rest with your feet up the sweeling has not gone down I would see a doctor. Go to your local drug store and have a blood pressure test. or even buy the equipment so you can test your self twice a day. You may also be able to purchace a urine testing kit.


I agree - July 26

HI I agree with NG, and also wanted to say that if you are not going to the bathroom often and feel thirsty that is a concern


s - July 29

i drink at least 120 to 140 oz. of water a day...every inch of my body is still feet are so bad i am wearing shoes that are two sizes too big, my hands are so bad that i can not wear any rings and they are red with white patches and are numb all hrs of the day...i am constantly using the bathroom also, i wear support hose and keep my feet up as much as possible...i have been swollen since the 6th month and now i am in the 9th month and it just gets worse every single day. i feel for ya, sorry but there is nothing i can recommend b/c i am suffering with the same pain, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. take care.



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