How Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Turned Out For Me

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anne - September 2

i began drinking the tea fairly late in my pregnancy, after 34 weeks. i didn't know you were supposed to start in the first trimester. i drank 3 cups a day and really didn't feel anything. i assumed it wasn't working, but the tea tastes so good i continued nonetheless. i went to the hospital on 29 july thinking i had high blood pressure, it turned out i was contracting 3 min apart - i felt absolutely nothing so i was shocked to discover this. the tea had been producing more braxton hicks, toniing my uterus for eventual labour. later that day, i was induced. as the product promises - the contractions stay as they would be without the tea, but the pushing part would be faster and easier. sure enough - when i was 10 cm, i pushed 4 times and she came out in less than 10 minutes. i am very impressed by the tea and plan to continue to drink it for uterine tone, pms and easier periods. it works for preg, and your period. i hope this post helps you guys. keep drinking it - its been used for generations. they know better than we do. also - i read how it works on too. if the fda recognises it, why not.


miranda - September 3

I read it in the hopes it would give me an easier labor, and was pleasantly surprised to find it is making me feel a lot better than I was. I don't feel as exhausted or sick to my stomach as I did before I started drinking it a couple weeks ago. (I am 38 weeks now.) But what I don't know is where to get more of it - I only have one package I bought in Amish country. Where do they sell it?


miranda again - September 3

I mean I started drinking it, not read it. Placenta brain.


teja - September 4

Is the tea at down to earth ok? i bought a pound of it just now and im drinking a cup of it. on the jar it states that it is not FDA approved. should i still drink it? it says that the only ingredient is red raspberry leaf. i hope that its ok.


teja - September 4

oh and i made 40 weeks today so im trying to induce my own labor. is the store where i bought it from? what do you gals think? thank you your advice is much appreciated. good luck on your pregnancies


teja - September 4

anne how long until the tea kicked in? i am on my 4th cup first timer today and i feel alot of will i know?


miranda - September 4

teja - it's not good to overdo anything, even something that's good for you. The most I have read you should be drinking after 37 weeks is 3 cups a day.


teja - September 5

yea my pops kinda got me scared talking about me putting stuff into my body being toxic..alot of all natural things can be harmful to baby. so ive decided to wait, and i did try it and it got me having contractions and mucus tinged with blood. so i experienced it and im done.. thanks


Leahp - September 6

Hi ladies, I've been drinking the tea for a few weeks now, I'm now 38 weeks, but I love to drink it as ice tea, do you think it makes more of an effect if I was to drink it hot. I do feel tightening and barxton hicks while drinking it but nothing serious!!


Ashlie - September 6

I have been drinking 3-6 cups a day for a week now, I get braxton hicks, but I dont think its doing anything else. I got mine from, it taste good and I figure the worse it can do is make me go into labor, if it doesnt do that, it should at least make labor easier.



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