How Soon After Show

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BabySage - May 14

I am 39 weeks and have had some show over the past 36hours. I was just wondering what other's experiances are when it comes to how soon after they had show at this stage of the game they went into labour. Everyone I have talked to so far has said only 3-4 days. I don't know about if there has been any dialation or effacement. OB hasn't checked yet.


BabySage - May 14

Oh yeah I also have had some cramps and lots of BH...extra back pain and baby is much lower than he was 2 weeks ago.


sara b - May 14

I went for an NST that showed contractions. I was 3 cm at that point and went home to wait it out. That night I had show. The next day I went in for my scheduled induction to find out I was 5 cm. and in labor. I wish you the best.


Alycia - May 17

I had my show at 1 AM May 8 and went into active labor at 4 AM May 9. I was in early labor right around the time my show occurred, but it wasn't hard to deal with.


Amanda R - May 18

I'm 38 weeks and I lost my plug early Saturday morning. I got really excited because I was sure labor would be right around the corner. However, here I am 5 days later (and counting) and still very preggo. Hoping that I will still go sometime this week...


BabySage - May 19

Yeah...Still pregnant...still waiting...still peeing every 15 minutes. Been a week since show started...still having some...still frustrated with waiting. Now to make it worse I am getting a cold. Due on Tuesday...Hopefully soon.


kcll - May 25

When you lose your plug, labour can start within that day or it could be weeks..I know that's not the answer you want to hear but just enjoy this time while it's here..relax it will happen


^lucy^ - May 30

for me it was about a week and then i went into labor 1 week before my due date exactly.. good luck :)


mickey87 - May 31

i had mine march6th in the morning*my due date* and had my baby march7th at 443 am


annie24 - May 31

hi there,i had show at 8am really bad back pains at about 9am that day,waters broke at 1am and contractions started about arrived 9.15pm following night!!!!


annie24 - May 31

sorry meant back pains started at 9pm


Jodi - June 2

took 6 weeks for me...



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