How To Get Labour Started

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Aimee Walker - May 21

How can I get Labour Started


Carried.801 - May 17

Some Methods I Was Told About Were Long Walks,mexican food,s_x and believe it or not nipple stimulation.Everyone Told me many different things to try i went over 2 weeks with both of my babies.


Angela - May 21

The hormone contained in s____n stimulates the cervix to efface, and this is why they reccommend s_x. The nipple stimulation will make your uterus contract, and both of these things should eventually put u into labour.


Maureen - May 21

Have LOTS OF s_x and ENJOY IT. LoL That's what I plan to do when my time comes. I sure don't want to be enduced!!


mistey - November 2

nipple stimulation worked for me three times yes yuk so get partner to do it he will enjoy it to the only thing is you have to do it for about 20 min each time for me anyway,it made my uterus contract sometimes painfully.yes and s_x s_x s_x.


lynne - November 3

how do i get labor started?


Ash - November 3

I guess walking is suppose to be the safest and best way to help get labor started. I read in a book that nipple stimulation is not recommended (not as safe?) and s_x of course may help too.. The castor oil is also not healthy as recommended.. So really I would say walk ALOT, it is good for u and it will/should help..


GEMMA - November 12

I do alot of walking, i walk till my feet really hurt and my back, but this still hasnt started me off in labour! Not really into s_x at the min, feel fat and ugly, but i think i will try and get in the mood, n e thing to start labour!!!!


Christine - November 12

Just a little insight...In my pregnancy book it says that since walking is healthy you can do it but there is NO evidence that it actually gets labor started...I dont know but I think its all a bunch of bull...When it starts, it starts...unfortunately...good luck ladies.



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