How To Tell If It Is Really The Mucas Plug

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Cindy - August 25

Hi This is my first pregnancy I am 19 and i am in my 34th week of pregnancy lately for the last week I have a white sticky discharge and it has an odor. Could this be the mucas plug?


Apryl - June 30

Usually your mucas plug is a whiteish or clear gooey substance like snaut, it can be tinged with blood. i just lost mine about 20 min ago and am 19yrs old and today is my due date. Good Luck


Nicole - July 19

How long after you lose your mucas plug does labor occur?


ashleigh - July 28

my doc said it could be 3-4 days after loosing plug before baby born but my son came 18 hrs later


Lauren - August 18

sounds like just discharge... i was told you can tell it's the mucas plug because it looks like snot! and u've never seen it before till you see it! good luck


cg - August 21

is it possible to lose you mucas plug real early on in your pregnancy


alibaine - August 25

I agree, sounds like discharge only- I had thru out pregnancy. It could be an infection if the odor is really foul or smells different than what you may have smelled before... another way to tell it's not normal is if you have an itch or burning too. I too just lost my mucus plug- yesterday night I noticed a difference in the discharge- more gooey and it was clear, tinged with brown. This morning after I used the bathroom, a huge gob of it plopped out (about 2 table spoons). I am 39 wks, 2 days. Yea, it was gross. My co-worker said she never had that happent to her in either pregnancy. I havent had any noticable contractions yet, though I am told labor usually is about 2 days out after loosing the "plug", but again, this isnt always true....


susan - September 20



Tanya - September 23

Im 33 weeks pg and i think i am loosing mine as we speak im not sure though, u would think after 3 pg this being 4 i would know, but this is kind of a bloody snooty looking yuck...


Dorothy - September 23

Can you lose your mucus plug over a period of a few days???


Tanya - September 28

Yes from what i understand you can lose your mucus plug over a period of days..


Sarah - October 2

I am in the process of loosing my plug for the past week and am having back labor contractions. Hopefully baby will arrive any day now.


Lynn - October 7

I am 40 weeks and my doctor did what he called sc___ping the servix to help get things started. I lost my mucas plug the next day. We thought labor would soon follow but another three days has past and no contractions at all. Is this normal??


twicedone - October 14

i would call my doctor and ask...i am on my second child, and i lost my mucus plug the day i went into labor, but it did not have any smell or white tint to really looked like mucus with a little blood


name - October 14

at prenatal cla__ses they told us you can lose it even up to a few wks before labour actually hang in there :p


Carmen - October 30

I lost mine yesterday in the moring & throughout the day some more came out. At first it was kind of Brownish and now every time I wipe with paper when I go to the bathroom there is some more mucas. I have been having very little cramps. No signs of labor I don't think at least. I heard it could be hours, days, or even weeks till the actually labor begins.


Jen - November 11

I lost me mucus plug on Tuesday - hours after the doctor had stripped my membranes. I am 40 weeks (and 2 days) pregnant with my 3rd (my other two children came a month early). I have continued to get the mucusy discharge as Carmen has mentioned, however no signs of any imminent labor at all!



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