How Would I Induceing Labor

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chistina - May 4

i am a week late and very big and my doctor out of town can you help memy baby will be 11pounds if i wait any longer


zoe - February 23

i am also a week late and i have been told that having s_xual intercourse starts off labour so we keep giving it a try!


jay - April 20

do not have s_x it could hurt the baby


Maureen - May 4

My Dr. says S_x dosn't hurt the baby, only in very special circ_mstances.


bi - May 4

Dont try anything funny, your doctor will induce you if you really need it


abbie - October 7

s_x definatly does not hurt the baby its old wifes tales to think otherwise try castor oil did the trick 4 me and the whole labour only lasted an hour good luck


kris - October 9

orgasim and sperm both help


lisa to Jay - October 10

Jay it doesnt help having people like you on the forum, if you dont know dont give advice, tell me why it could hurt the baby??? its only recmmended you dont have s_x if your waters have broken or you have had bleeding or in a high brisk of misscarage and your doctors reccomend you dont.


To Lisa - October 10

Jay has learned a lot over the last year and a half. ;-)


Amanda - October 11

I have to say the Castor oil also did the trick for me on the first baby but also on the second i was 9 days over due an the nipple stimulation from my b___st pump finally did the trick :)


ca__sidy - October 12

hunny ive tried everything....s_x, nipple stimulation, castor oil, stripping of the membranes, orgasims,walking, dancing, running up and down stairs......basically everything.....but everyone is different! the baby will come in due time if not im sure your doctor will induce you!


rooha - October 27

hey ladies i tell you honey really worked for me i took honey about a tbl spoon,every hr about 4 times an my mucus plug relaesed an then my contractions started ,there no harm in trying


Alissa - October 27

What does honey have in it that makes you go into labor



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