Husband Watching Birth

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JAMIE - November 2

i obviously want my husband there when i give birth but i know alot of men who have seen there wives go through child birth and have gone off them s_xually after seeing the births........any veiws on this


me - November 2

i felt the same way when i was going to have my baby. but when it come time i just wanted him out, i told him i was scared that he would feel the same way. but he told me when i was giving birth is was the coolest thing hes ever experecned, and trust me they dont lose any s_xually desire, they want it more then ever.


my father - November 2

I was born in the days when it was uncommen for the husbands to be with their wives during childbirth.My mother would not have wanted my father there anyway,nor would he have wanted to be.We are two peas in a pod,if I were the man,I two would have waited outside.On both births my father dropped off my mother and returned the next day.It is up to each couple.


Lisa - November 2

My husband will be no where near my v____a when the baby comes out; he will be by my head holding my hand. I don't want him to see my like that down there. I just don't.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

I figure if anyone should be down there looking it should be my husband. He has seen me naked and I gave birth to his child. My husband held my hand the whole time and also saw his son being born. He thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world to see his child come into the world, and he was amazed that I was able to do this. He says it made him know I was stronger than he already thought I was, and his s_xual desire was not marred by the experience. If he would have had a problem with my body after I gave birth with no drugs to our son, he would no longer be living in my house.


danielle - November 2

my husband admitted that it was a little gross watching everything that goes on down there, but he will be there this time also probably holdin one of my legs up for me while watching the birth of our second child... neither of us would want it any other way.


Ashley - November 2

My dh has been to birth cla__s with me in preperation for our home birth and in one cla__s our midwife mentioned that sometimes, on rare occasions, the father actually wants to "catch" the baby, as well as cut the cord later on. (My friends' dh couldn't be convinced to cut the cord but everybody is different) Well, my husband thought about this for about three weeks and then he told me, "I really want to be there for you, to hold you and stuff, but I really would like to catch the baby, too." My thinking is, if he's there for me during labor, I can handle it with an a__sitant while he catches the baby, cuts the cord, and announces our son/daughter! I love it that he can be so involved!!!! (And hey, he hasn't been turned off by anything my body's done during pregnancy, maybe if he sees what I've went though, he can cool it for a while so I can heal up!! ;)


Haley - November 2

My husband has told me that ever since he was little, he couldnt wait to be a daddy, and to have a family of his own. Now the time has come and we are having our baby on the 7th. He cant wait to be there by my side and watch our son, his first child, being born. I believe that this is the best present I could ever give him. And I think that this is going to make our relationship stronger, and more pa__sionate than ever before.


Jen - November 2

I think it is up to each couple and what they are comfortable with. I personally would die if my husband was not in the room, but he will stay with me at my head, holding my hand. I do not want him to watch the baby actually coming out, and he does not want to, either (which works out well). He wants to cut the cord, though. I give props to those who can watch themselves give birth in the mirror, and who will let their husbands watch- the birth of another person is a beautiful miracle.


Christy - November 2

I have heard about this. In fact, the New York Times had an article about it a few months ago. A lot of women were upset that there are still some guys out there who do not want to witness their wives giving birth to their child. If I had a guy like that, I'd be disappointed, but I don't know if I'd force him to come in there with me if it was going to change his view of me s_xually. As it is, my husband will be there and will hopefully know how to support me. My mom thinks I am nuts for having my husband there during the delivery, but I told her that things are different these days.


Betty - November 2

My husband was with me every minute and I think he has a greater appreciation for what a woman goes through after a natural delivery! He says he is just as attracted to me as ever!


huh - November 3

it's called love


Emmy - November 7

Believe this, by the time you are giving birth, you wouldn't care if your next door neighbor was watching. The whole thing just makes you loose any kind of modesty that you have. When I had my son I didn't want a mirror, and my husband and I agreed he would stay up by my head. When I started pushing a nurse threw up the mirror, and I actually used it as motivation to help push as I could see the baby moving out with each push, and my husband watched the whole thing. It is so surreal that I think everyone forgets what they witnessed as soon as the baby is born. If your husband were turned off something would be wrong with him not you.



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