Hypno Birthing

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mary b - May 22

Anyone have any stories about hypno birth??? I am really looking for a natural labor this time around. I felt like the first time the pain was so unbearable, I didn't know if it was going to get worse or what. Scared, I asked for meds which made things worse cause I lost control. Please help...I really want to go natural this time.


Rachel H - May 22

I've never heard of a hypno birth. I'm actually curious myself. Hope things go well for you this time! It really stinks that the meds didn't work for you. :(


E586467 - May 23

Hi mary b I have heard of it but don't know anything about it but am very interested in learning as I am preg with #3 if you can recommend any books or videos etc. I too had a bad experience with drugs with #1, so decided to go naturally second time around. With #2 I ended up having a completely natural water birth & gave birth to a 9lb 3oz boy. I can highly recommend the use of water whether it be the shower or the bath as it is very relaxing & surprisingly makes the pain ALOT more bearable. Do you need to hire a hypnotherapist for the birth or is it a technique you learn? I'm glad you asked & I too look forward to any hypno experiences that may get posted.


mary b - May 23

Hey ladies, i'm going to do some research and let you know. E586467, thanks for the advice on the water birth. I would like to try that this time too. With my first, the nurses said for me to try the tub, which I did for about 10 min and just felt so uncomfortable. I had an IV in my arm that couldn't get wet because of the strep B. And I think I tried it when I was too far along in labor. I don't know, I thought I would love it being that I spent my whole pregnancy in a bathtub. Even when not preg i'm in the bath any chance I get.


xx Louise xx - May 28

I've seen some videos and read stories of people having hypno births and they rave about it. In the videos, the women also seem so much more relaxed and calm the whole way through it, there's no screaming or anything at all. Have a look on youtube, but if you're having hypno birth, you're supposed to start learning it a good few months before the birth.



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