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dee - April 2

mommy of two, preterm labor at 27 weeks 41 hrs of labor. baby was on siatic nerve . 7 cm dialated when admitted 4 hrs pushing Baby was upside down . meconium stained waters emergency forecepts delivery. 2nd child was induced at 41 weeks.


Balbie - April 2

Hi i want to know why left side feel crampy in lower front and the back side only in the left side not the right side


dee - April 2

how far along are you


Balbie - April 2

hi am, 34 weeks i want to know why my left side feel crampy and my lower front feel crampy only in the left side not on my right


dee - April 2

Crampy how? like period cramps or achy cramps?


dee - April 2

Sometimes its the position the baby is in? have you had any contractions yet? is this your first child? are your due dates correct? I need just a little more info :)


dee - April 2

Balbie try laying on the opposite side with a pillow between your legs. The farther along you are the less room the baby has to move around. with my second i used to sleep on the very edge of the bed so i would only have to put my leg down to help me get up to pee.


Jami - April 11

hi i have skiped my period 3 months at a time sence i was 15, a couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend had s_x he was on top first with a condom biut he went in the condom took it off and i got on top with no condom, and i think im pregnent last week i finally start my period, and i stoped the next say i started blotting, i have thick white discharge, and aching back but im not sure. what do u think?


Jillian - April 11

OK I have a question I'm 38 weeks for about two days I've been having sharp pains in my upper stomach on the right side (not labor pains) I have an awful doctor and he just b__ws off my concern, but do you think there could be a problem or maybe its just a pregnancy thing??


Kaz - April 12

Hi Jami, you must go get checked out hey. Find out if you are pregnant and ask for a blood test to check your hormone level. My friend recently had an ectopic pregnancy. It's best to find out asap.


to dee - April 12

hi dee..sorry your baby was born so early..was everything okay?


bob - April 20

i want to know when you are on your period and he c_ms inside of you can you still get pregant?


angela - May 13

can you have a period and be pregant at the same time?



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