I Cant Take It Anymore

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Alayna - December 16

I am now 6 days past y due date. Is ther anyhing I can do to bring on labor without my doctor?


Andrea - December 17

S_x, lol, but its true. Long walks and they say spicy food but that gave me heartburn.


Christine - December 17

It is really best to let the baby come naturally...it is amazing to read on here how some woman are past their due dates and the doctors have not yet induced, and some are only 38 weeks and being induced...ask your doc if he can strip your membranes...it helps for some, and not for others...and I heard it is somewhat uncomfortable to have done....dont do any of the castor oil...bad idea..i wish woman would stay away from that one..it could give both you and the baby a serious infection...s_x they say...as well as walking...but my pregnancy book says that there is no medical proof that walking actually helps...but its good for you..and does help the baby drop...be patient...I know its hard...I'm doing this for the third time and am just about to start my 6th month...and already am growing impatient...hang on...it will be anyday...or they will be inducing even sooner...good luck


Ann - December 17

I agree with Andrea...I had s_x with my first one at 39 weeks and the next morning my water broke and I went into labor :) Check with your doctor and make sure you do not have any restrictions....


Bernie - January 11

Let nature take it's course. I have had 2 induced & one naturally, I will do anything to avoid induction. Evening Primrose didn't work, s_x didn't work, hot baths, hot food etc didn't work. Currently 38 weeks & thinking of trying rasberry leaf tea, still won't touch castor oil, just gives you diarrhoea! Maybe Metamucil, but baby will come when it's ready.


jen - February 9

hey i am 38 wks and if s_x is gonna help consider me a katchup bottle bang on the bottom untill somthing pops out! lol sorry for being so graphic


Tonya - February 19

S_x is the only thing that has been medically proven to start labor. It doesn't always start it in every women, but it is the only medically proven method. It is do to the release of prostaglandins. This is a natural hormone that will start uterine contractions and thinning of the cervix. There is another method used by midwives. It is evening primrose oil. Midwives normally get a 500mg capsule and pop it. They place the oil on the cervix and this helps it to start thinning. There have not been lots of research on this. i've seen it done in our office a couple of times and it has worked. I don't recommend doing this any earlier than 38 weeks. I whole heartedly feel that we should let nature run it's course. Our bodies do what it needs to do. As excited and anxious as we are, if the baby isn't coming on it's own, there is probably good reason. Maybe the little angel needed a few more days of mommy's support to do that last bit of lung development or heart development. We know ourselves that each person is different, so is that little person inside of you. Don't rush it. It'll be here soon enough. As mush as that is easier said than done, i feel it's always for the best. Good luck to you.



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