I Feel Totally Strange Today HELP

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mbud24 - January 12

So this morning I woke up and I didn't feel my baby move as much as I usually feel her, I'm 37w5d pregnant. Aside from that my stomach felt unusually hard for a while too, so that kind of freaked me out. Just recently I started feeling cramping like the kind you get when you get the stomach flu, and a little while later I had to go to the bathroom (I know TMI) and it was very soft. What do you think it means?? I just feel gross and tired and achy, do you think I'm starting labor, or is this a false alarm? or do you think I might be getting sick??? Any input would be great, thanks


AshleyJ226 - January 12

I have days like that too and Im 39 weeks plus. Baby eventually starts to slow down quite a bit, as long as there is enough movement for you to notice you should be okay. as for the cramping and belly hardness I would say you are experiencing braxton hicks.. If you still feel unsure I would call your dr., you never know!!!


jsnider - January 12

I am 39 weeks pregnant and have felt weird for 3 days. I felt everything you are mentioning. I went to see my doctor and she said my blood pressure was up and that is why I felt weird. They monitored me for a while and told me I was having contraction 7 minutes apart and asked why I didn't tell them. I said I didn't know I was having them. What I thought was the baby balling up or pushing was actually contractions. I only noticed my upper stomach getting hard. But my contractions have now stopped and they told me if I feel decreased movement or trembly or just weird again to call so they can check me out. So maybe you should give your doctor a call. My blood pressure went back down and I feel fine today. So you are not alone. good luck I hope this helps.


mbud24 - January 13

I ended up calling my doctor and was asked to come in. My contractions were 5 minutes apart but they told me to go home since I'm in very very early labor! at least I know i wasn't losing my mind and that the baby is just fine. Thanks for your input, i'm glad I went in and got checked out.



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