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Bonnie - January 27

Hey guys!!! :D Just wanted to let everyone know I had my baby on Monday at 11:49 am. His name is Mason and weighed exactly 8 pounds and he is awesome!! I had come on over the weekened panicked because they had scheduled me for a c-section for Tuesday morning. Well, sunday night my water broke so they had me try labor first. After 13 hours of labor we had to go for the c-section after all, so I got to experience both! lol I am having some trouble sleeping after coming down off this baby "high" and being over-tired (I've slept about 11 hours since Sunday all together) so in a day or two after I have slept (they're gonna order me pills if I don't fall asleep soon, lol) I will write out my birth story then and post pictures. I'm a little out of sorts still at the moment but just wanted to let you all know. I will say this in the meantime.....even though everyone keeps talking about my labor being long and tough (I pushed for 2 and 1/2 hours), I really found the whole thing and incredibly positive experience! I never once felt like I was going to "die" or that I couldn't do it. In fact, I would honestly say that I would do this in a heartbeat again if I could! lol All that worrying for nothing . I'm finding myself a little emotional and missing my nurse and doctor a bit as they were just SOOOO great through it all. heh During the c-section, once I realised they had cut into me and I wasn't feeling it I was able to relax and the operation was actually FUN! The doctors were smartasses and very playful about it all and I found myself laughing, lol. Anyway....my only issue now is being overtired and unable to sleep so my emotions are wacky. I will write more detailed on it later for anyone who is as panicked and nervous about getting ready to go through it like I was. I just wanted to let you all know in the meantime!! Good luck everyone!


Shell - January 27

Congratulations! I never slept for the first week either, I just lay awake watching my previous little bundle sleep. Good luck, glad to hear it went well for you - healthy bub in the end, that's what counts.


mizliz - January 27

hehe my husbands name is mason :P


Confused - January 27

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm really glad to hear things went well, but I must admit I'm a bit surprised to read the doctors had you laughing (???!!!) during surgery. Since I've got GD and have been told I may have an increased risk of a c-section, I'm super curious as to the experience. How has your level of pain been? Have you had to take many meds? Are you b___stfeeding? If so, are you able to do so comfortably? Please feel free to fill us in on mega details!


Bonnie - January 27

To: Confused....Apparently he's been doing c-sections for a while. I had several nurses make comments about how much they liked working with him and how fast his c-sections are. For me, the baby was sitting incredibly high, right under my b___bs, lol. They explained to me that they would hav to push on the outside of my belly to try and shove him down and that I would feel a lot of pulling and pressure, and while it would be uncomfortable, it would not be painful (which was true). When they started pushing on me, the doctor literally got one knee up on the table and pushed with all his might while the other reached his hand waaay up in me and tugged on he baby. It must have looked pretty gruesome and I could literally feel myself being pulled in all directions. It sort of took my breath away on occasions but wasn't painful. But while they did it they made a lot of cheering noises for the "big baby" and over exaggerated a lot of grunts and OOF-type sounds. They were basically being very playful about it all and were obviously at ease which made me laugh and totally relax. I was really in tears prior afraid I would feel the pain but I did not. It is wierd because you have a ton of feeling. I could feel them barely touch my belly, I could feel them with a swab of alcohol on my tummy, yet I could not feel the scalpal. They said it is because that is a different kind of feeling and a different part of the brain. ...After my pain has been awesome. I was up walking that night and all the next day. The nurses acted really surprised by this so I don't know if that is me or the doctor, lol. If you have one, get up and walk as soon as they let you. The more you do so, the better you feel. If you just lie there I heard gas pains can build up and really hurt so I made sure I moved. I'm not b___st feeding but if I were it wouldn't bother me. It's been 4 days and I have to remember sometimes to take it easy and not do things that I'm not supposed to (like heavy lifting, housework, etc.). I'm in no pain except when really using tummy muscles (like coughing, sneezing, getting up from bed, etc.) so it's easy for me to forget. I do take pain meds but only at night si I can sleep as I havent been sleeping well. I do recommend in the hospital though, that if you have even the slightest twinge of pain, take your meds. They say pain is far more controlled if you stay on top of it rather than letting it get bad and then take something. It must be true cuz I feel fantastic (just tired, lol).



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