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jenni - February 25

Hi everyone I had my baby 2 weeks ago at 37wks! 6lb12oz, first baby 2!! let me tell you ladys it was hard, I was not in much pain, but my labor was 12 hours long and it took me 3 hours to push him out!! But I had a stupid nures who did not turn down the pain med.. and i could not even feel to push!! so after 3 hours of trying to push they ended up useing the vac_m!! But there is no better feeling then when your baby comes out, but the after birth kind of hurts!! well good luck ladys if you have any questions feel free to ask!!


maya - February 27

Congratulations Jenni!! Are you all healed up? How did you know it was happening? were you home alone?


Jennifer - February 27

No I am not healed up, I'm still hurting and it really sucks!! Well I started getting cramps around noon and after 2 hours they got so strong, but it kind of felt like I had to go number 2!!! but after trying to go, I realized that this was serious, so I called my mother in law who was at work and she came right home and took me to the hospital and I was 4 cm and int labor (that was at 6) then the next day I had him, crazy huh


To Jenni - February 28

I don't think nurses are stupid and while I am glad you had a healthy baby, there are many of us who would love to have "stupid" nurses who didn't turn down our pain meds!! I happen to be an RN and the amount and difficulty of the schooling I went through means even the worst nurse isn't stupid, uncaring, perhaps, but stupid, no. Just be glad you didn't have to have a c-section or that your baby wasn't healthy.


Jenni - February 28

Well first of all it took me 3 hours to push and thats because I could not feel a d__n thing!! Ok so at the end I was tired and wanting oxgyen, yes I am glad that I did not have a c-section but I feel like I did not have a good birth because it was so hard to push him out. Yes your right I see your point, but going into labor for the first time I felt like I did not do good job so can you see my point???


maya - March 1

Jenni, I can imagine how you'd want to make that special moment perfect! and if for the nurse isnt working with you it must be frustrating. infact that is one of the things I want to make sure of in choosing where to give birth. I want to make sure that the nurses and my doctor have good compatibility, and that i too like the nurses!!


To Jenni - March 2

Right on! I do see your point, about wanting to be a good pusher and all. And yes, nurses should be on top of how numb the mom is at pushing time. And frankly, 3 hours is a very long time for you and you must have been just wiped out. You did a good job just by having the baby, and sticking with a long pushing stage! Congrats on your brand new baby and I hope you heal up quickly.



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