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lianne - May 12

hi ladies...i was just wondering if any of you could tell me what beginning contractions for you felt like before you were in "full blown" labor. so far, yesterday (for like 3 hours straight) and today...not that long yet, i have had pains in my sides, and underneath my belly like bad menstraul cramps, so i was wondering i guess if this is how they feel in the beginning before they get to be really painful. i dont want to just run to the doctor for every little thing, but i also dont want to just sit around here at home if i could be in the beginning stages of labor eiter...i am only 35 weeks and 2 days. let me know your thoughts, if i feel like they are getting more regular or intense, then of course i will go in, but now, i just wanted to get some feedback. thank you so much ladies!


Been There - May 12

You could be having Braxton Hicks. They can be strong, but not as strong as real labor.


lianne - May 12

thats what i was thinking at first too, but i have been getting bh since my 18th week or so, and they have never felt like this...or lasted for this amount of time...thank you for responding though.


krista-lee - May 12

heres a little tip my mom gave me to tell the difference between early labor and BH. its early labor when you get a pain all over (mostly in the middle belly b___ton, then expands) your tummy like you have to go #2 really bad, but you hold it.


sara b - May 13

If your stomach feels like your chin (soft and squishy) its not a contraction. If your stomach feels like the tip of your nose (mildly hard) its either BH's or early labor. When your stomach feels like your forehead its DEFINITE labor!!!! This is what I learned in my birthing cla__s. So I hope it works for you because I never felt a contraction. I went in to be induced because I was overdue and I was 5 cm. I'm just glad someone might be able to use the info. Best wishes.


starr - May 14

Well for me the early stages of labor felt like a dull cramping in my lower stomach and also a dull achy kind of feeling in my lower back. I remained at home until the contractions got really intense and I couldn't take them anymore then I went to the hosp. The real thing for me was about 10 times worse than beginning labor in both my stomach and back and sometimes took my breath away.


lianne - May 15

hi ladies! happy mothers day...a day late...lol, anyways, on saturday, i was having some really bad stabbing like pains, and again they were lasting for a couple of hours at a time, anyways, i decided to go ahead and go in, and of course it was nothing, she said that it was most likely round ligament pain...man, i didnt know that it could be that intense...i joked with her saying that if i couldnt handle this, how was i going to get through the labor lol...anyways, again thanks for getting back to me, i am just glad that i wasnt in labor, it is still too early! take care ladies!



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