I Live An Hour Away From The Hospital Advice Please

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ashley - June 29

Okay so I live about 50 miles away from the hospital. I can not predict how fast or slow this labor will be as my last one was about 12 hours. My moms first labor was longer but her second two were lightening fast! She almost had my brother in the parking lot!!! Anyway, I told dh we are going to head out as soon as any sign of labor because I don't want to be stuck in severe pain driving an HOUR! So what should I do? With my frist my water broke. That may not be the case this time.


boolie79 - June 29

i am in the same boat as you! i live 45 mins away from hospital. This is my third pregnancy and the last one was quicker than the first so i am scared of not getting there.. but for me where i live the cell phone coverage is awful too so i wouldnt even be able to call anyone along the way.


piratesmermaid - June 29

Maybe you could call your town police for an escort if your labor does progress too quickly. Just something I've been thinking about...my husband is two hours away, and I could go into labor any time. Don't know if it's practical, but it does make for an interesting picture...


AmandaManns - June 30

When I was pregnant with my son I was not sure how long my labor would be and I was 50 minutes away from my hospital. Every docotors appointment he would tell me that it could be any day...well it seriously felt like the day would never come. Finally at 39 weeks he induced me because it was winter and we lived further away and I was worried we would get a bad snowstorm and I would be in labor. Anyway, my labor was 22 hours long so I do not think it would have went too fast, but you just never know.


letgo0527 - July 2

I have the same problem. I live 1hour & 15 min away from the birthing center. At my next appt I will be 3 days overdue, if I make it that long, and I think I just might, Im going to request to be induced because Im scared I wont make it.


ashley - July 3

I have an induction date set but I have a feeling I will go before that. I am just nervous about thinking I am in labor and going in and being sent home.. (thats a 110 miles round trip) or being unsure and second guessing myself and having a super fast labor like my mom did with her 2nd and 3rd.


mandee25 - July 3

I am 90 minutes away from the hospital where I want to give birth and I have had these same things on my mind.


starr - July 4

That's pretty scary.I only live about 20-25 mins away from the womens hosp and when I started having contractions I waited until I couldn't take it anymore then went to the hosp only to be sent back home.I thought for sure I would have the baby at home.So I couldn't imagine living an hour away.I still had to pull together every ounce of strength I had,while trying to make it through the contractions and go back to the dr a few hours later which is right down from the hosp only for them to send me back to the hosp.If u have friends or family that live a little closer maybe u make arrangements to go there during or before the start of early labor.Good Luck.


falafal0 - July 6

I'm 34 weeks with our fourth baby - and we too live close to an hour away from the hospital I chose to give birth at. MY first labour was 5 and a half hours long and we got stuck on the freeway in peak hour traffic - he was born just over an hour after we got there. Our second was born in 2 and a half hours twenty min after arriving., I decided to change hospitals with the next baby to a very small maternity hospital only 30 minutes away. But she was born in 45 min in the hospital carpark just after midnight (luckily not during the day...!) By the time I felt two contractions and my MIL came over to watch the boys, we had wasted time...this time I'm having baby at home and they can come to me! We'll see what happens in the end. But I was concerned like you with my first and second. We were in an ambulance fund in case, so no matter where I was, we could at least call and know someone with experience would be arriving, to either help or take me to the hospital. My in laws live in the next two suburbs - I think I would have a couple of back up plans just in case...perhaps alays having 2 or 3 friends with mobiles who live close who can be there instantly to go with you so you're not alone. You definately do not want to drive yourself, even if you take 24 hours...better to be safe than sorry...


Amanda R - July 10

I agree with all of the suggestions. What you DON'T want to do is go too early and have to set in Triage for 7 hours waiting to be admitted like I did!! Let me tell ya that was horrible!! We live 70-80 miles away from the hospital. It just happened that I started into labor the day of my last Dr's appt. so we were close to the hosp. anyway. If I had been at home all day and waited to leave the house until it hurt that bad...we would have timed it about right. My labor was 23 hours long though. GL!!



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