I M Dilating But Not Effacing 3rd Pregnancy

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amiss1129 - May 7

I'm currently 37 week pregnant. Due the 27 of may. I found out at my 35 week check up i was 1/2 cenitmeter still long and soft...then sunday morning i had a labor episode...contractions were 5 mins appart for 6 hours then just stopped...did cause dilation tho....i'm now 1 1/2...but still long and very soft....i just dont understand how they can be telling me i'm not effacing at all...i started losing my plug last wednesday...then monday i was losing it like crazy all day....nothing with blood tinged yet. is this normal????? I've never had this problem with my past 2 pregnancies...in fact with my first i only was effacing....then i was induced a few days earlier....my 2nd i was also induced but i was effacing and dilating....the day i was induced with my 2nd i was 1 1/2 and 80% thinned out....also with my 2nd i found out that i had a cervix that was a lil longer than a normal cervix...but my dr i have now says that this isn't the case....i'm so confused....somoene please respond to this...sometimes i wonder if the dr i have now and knows what he's talking about...


fefer1 - May 9

well, I don't know that I have the answer really. Every doctor's estimate of how much you have dilated/effaced can be different. Losing your mucus plug at this stage is normal - mine didn't really have any blood in it with my dd - just lots of yucky snotty stuff. I guess every pregnancy is different though - and these are just estimates and don't really predict labor. Sounds like you are getting close though! Good luck!


cattac - May 9

I just had my 3rd. my dr said they want to see you dilating and effacing with your first beforehand and then in subsequent pregnancies it can all happen in the hospital...i dont think you have anything to worry about



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