I M Over Due HELP

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mommy-to-be - November 7

I am just curious as to what i can do to help my labor other than castor oil. I don't want to have the runs. I was due yesterday and i don't have an appt. until thursday... I don't know what to do, i've tried s_x, spicy food and all of it.... help please


Em - November 8

According to your baby, you're not overdue! :) Some baby's just take a little longer to develop and prepare themselves than others. How about letting him/her choose their own birthday? What ever happened to the excitement of the spontaneity labor brings? Why is the world so full of impatience? You've already realised that by trying s_x, spicey food etc that your body and baby aren't ready, maybe just take a walk in the sunshine and think about what an amazingly new chapter your life is about to bring, and treasure your last days of being pregnant. This is the only time you'll be pregnant with this baby.


MN - November 10

If your 'due' date was only yesterday, you are not yet overdue. 37-42 weeks is normal.


mommy-to-be - November 10

no.. my due date was 11-6 not yesterday. but thank you


mama-beans - November 11

Seriously, wait it out. I know it is hard and you want to hold your baby... but your baby isn't ready yet! WAIT until your BABY says he is ready to come meet you! You won't regret it!


mommy-to-be - November 11

thank you all. my doctor is inducing me on tuesday or wednesday if we make it that far. He sc___ped my membranes yesterday to get labor going. He doesn't think that we will make it until monday without going into labor. Hopefully he's right.


lisa - November 13

i had my baby girl 11 days ago, she came11 days late and only came because i was induced, the people who just tell you to be pAtient, either have never been late themselves or have forgotton whats it like, i almost went mad and felt like i was getting seriously depressed, some male doc said to me at 6 days over "youve waited 41 weeks you can wait another" i could have wrung his neck, i had no choice but to wait for induction, during this time i tried EVERYTHING on these boards to induce several times each, nothing worked, the progesterone pill to start labour off did however, labour was 3 hours from the first contraction to the birth, mabie the rasp tea? anyway, theres nothing i can `advise but i do understand how you feel, its totally normal, and once your baby comes wow, its worth the wait!!!



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