I M So Scared

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Diana - October 26

Every day i'm getting closer to my due date and i'm scared i'm scared about going into labor and delivering my baby. i was thinking about a c-section but i don't know how to set it up or how i would recover afterwards.can ne 1 help.


Me - October 27

Usually you can't request a c-section unless you have had one before. A c-section usually takes longer to heal and it is harder to move around the 6 weeks after. On the plus note, if you get a c-section you won't have to go through labor. You will need to talk to your doctor about wheether or not you can scedule one and if so go from there. Your doctor should talk you through it if it's an option.


marcie - October 28

diana,I have had one of each,the 1st was an horrendous natural birth,they say if you can't cope with the pain have an epidural,sometimes that is'nt possible,with me the meds was'nt taking,and I was in so much pain,I really felt as if my legs were being ripped apart.I swore never to forget.I said unless I have a planned section next time,we are stuck with one.I did have an elective cesarean,and I tell you,it was a breeze in comparra__sion.I really enjoyed this birth,having the date,more relaxed dignified,rnjoyed the birth,and the pain afterwards for me was not bad,felt sore but with the medication its easily tolerable.They are doing these operations all the time now,its not as if its new anymore.As for the recovery.I felt very sore after my 1st birth,but as its down there,its different,the nurses are more understanding with an operation,honestly it was so much better.


Pam - October 28

Hi diana, please dont be turned off having a natural birth I was induced, my contractions were really painful straight away, after 7 hrs of contractions I had an epidural which gave me time to regain my strength. i then pushed with the block still in. It was great for me. My recovery was fine i could walk later that day, which u can not do for quite a while after a caesar. It is a painful experience but i'd do it a thousand times to have my little boy. its true what they say about forgetting the pain once u meet the baby. good luck.



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