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Kristie - August 21

Hi everyone, I am currently 37 weeks and the doctor believes I am a week ahead of schuedule so I just drank a whole bottle of caster oil, about 4 ounces. I drank it at about 6:00pm, so far it's 6:34 and I haven't felt anything but if I remember correctly, it takes an hour or so to kick in. I drank the same amount with my last baby and she was born seven hours later. I was 1 cm dialated last Wednesday, and the baby's been very quiet for about a week now. I just wanted to share this experience with you because there are so many people wondering how it works, if it works, if it's unsafe, and how long it takes. I really don't know if it'll work tonight, but if it does, I will be keeping everyone updated. If you don't get another entry by tomorrow, Aug.22nd, that means it worked! Wish me luck!


Beth - August 21

Good Luck to you Kristie! Please come on and let us know how you are feeling. I am now 34 weeks and plan on taking it when I reach full term if need be. I am very interested in how it turns out for you! Good Luck once again!!!!


Kristie - August 21

So far it's 8:52pm and I haven't started contracions yet but have gone to the washroom a few times, it's definatley cleaning out my system. I feel sick to my stomache now but I think that's normal when taking the caster oil. I've heard some people end up vomitting. So far I haven't done that which is good. I'm also feeling a little bit of a back ache starting up. God I wish I could remeber how it went down last time I took it but that was 6 years ago! Anyway, just thought I'd keep updating, hopefully we'll see more action soon. Thankyou for your support and I'll try to write another message soon.


Amie - August 21

Hope it works for you this time and will wait for your next post.


shandy - August 22

hey i hope all went well for ya im 38weeks and just took some castor oil myself really hopen it will work i was over due with my first baby and it drove me nuts . Plus this time round iv had all sorts problems and im only 20


Kristie - August 22

Well, so far it didn't work. It's now 9:22 am and all I had were a few painful contractions last night. I went for a walk and had a warm bath but the contractions subsided. I do feel extremely sore in my pubic area and lower part of my uterus but don't know if it's from the contractions last night or if maybe I started something. I did have a back ache for more than a couple of hours last night and feel one now as well. I went to bed at 1:00am, hoping I'd wake up with harder contractions but only felt something like a stomache ache. I will be keeping everyone posted and if nothing starts this week, I'll be trying it again next week but I think with eggs this time, I don't know if I can hack the drinking it straight again! Well, that's all for now.Good luck Shandy, don't be discouraged from reading this, it's works half the time, it worked for me last time so don't give up hope I'm still satying positive that it'll work next time I try it.


HR - August 22



Kristie - August 22

Yes, that's what I'm thinking too. This week I'm just going to drink raspberry tea, which I heard is good for labour preperation and next week I'll be doing the Caster oil again, I'll be keeping you updated though, thank you for the support guys!


shandi - August 22

well no luck with the castor oil for me eather ! do any of you no anything about black and blue cohosh that might help


Melissa - August 22

Black and Blue Cohosh should only be used under the supervision of a midwife or doctor. If not used correctly these herbs can cause problems including hemmorage during childbirth. Castor will only work if your body is ready to give birth. Try to remember that you will not be pregnant forever! I know it is hard, the end is miserable. The body actually goes into labor because the baby lets off a certain chemical and/or hormone that stimulates contractions and so forth. Let your baby decide when to come out. It will happen! Good luck!


Jessie - August 23

Are you overdue?


Jessie - August 23

See, my specialist told me IF my baby's lungs are mature enough at 34 to 37 weeks I'll have a c section due to a complication. How do you know if your baby is ready?


Kristie - August 23

The doctor told me the baby's at a 38 week gestational age so the labour will start any day, it's also my third so apparently it might happen a bit quicker this time. I tried the caster oil as above but would not try the black and blue cohosh. I've been researching many different midwifery websites and have read that the cohosh can cause trauma in infants such as heart problems so I'm staying well away from that. I've researched the caster oil and the nurses and midwives say that there's more of a chance of a past-full term (40+ weeks) baby being born with meconium (Poop in the waters) if the baby's overdue, than caster oil causing it, and that in 200 women given caster oil to induce, none of the babies were born with meconium. So caster oil, I can still trust in. I've recently purchased and began using Evening Primrose Oil caplets, this is another form of induction I've read about but it doesn't induce, it just ripens your cervix so labour will start sooner and easier. I've been taking four orally a day, and inserting 3 into the v____a at night twice per night. This is apparently the best way to have the cervix absorb the oils. This procedure can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks but is good for your "insides" that will later be stretched by giving birth. I've also been taking Red Raspberry Leaf tablets, four a day as well, which helps the muscles in your uterus prepare for contractions and help you with pain in labour. It doesn't induce but aids the contractions once they start. I will probably try the caster oil again in about a week but htis time I'm spreading the dosage out in the form of three seperate doses of two tblsp each time, mixed with juice, every two to three hours. This appartently has a greater effect than one does because it remains in your system a little longer than just the one. It makes sence because I took a whole lot at once and it was through my system in a matter of five hours. I hope I've offered some help to whoever's wondering about this stuff, I will be keeping everyone updated as to what works for me.


Jessie - August 23

That's weird. I'm measuring ahead too, but mine still goes by the original due date. Anyhow good luck.


shandi - August 24

decided not to take any cohosh I dont know enough about it. Im just sticking to evening primrose and rasberry leaf tabs Im just going to hang in there. im going to see my midwife today so im sure she can reasure me. For those who resort to "just waiting" just try to get out and keep your days full, hard for some though I know (sigh).


jill - August 24

my last pregnancy i drank a total of 4 large pots of black cohosh and it did nothing but make me want to vomit. on the other hand my son turned out just fine.also the castor oil did nothing but give me the runs 3 times in my last pregnancy as well as last week in this pregnancy.


Shelby - August 27

I would not do the Caster Oil at all because if your if body or the baby are not ready you could end up in a dangerous situation. I know because a few days ago I tried it, I am 38 wks, 4 cm and 50% instead of having a baby I ended up sick dehydrated and they could not get an IV started on me without a special nurse coming from the PEDS floor to get the stick on me. I think I can wait this out until the baby is ready.



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