I Need A Miracle Story

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nickol - August 13

I'm 39W2D and dialated to a 1. Cervix is still thick and all that whatnot. my family has a bad record of being a couple weeks late, and i'd like to break the cycle. So if anyone has an amazing story about going from nothing to baby, i'd really like a little hope.


elyce07 - August 17

I was 2 weeks over due and i hated it!!! middle of summer and no fun...so it finally took my mom going in there and telling the doctores that i was in pain i was miserable and couldnt do it anymore and i was too big so....maybe when you hit 40 weeks go in and tell them this and they should they dont have a choice once you hit 40 weeks they will if you ask to be induced


CoLark - August 18

I just posted to get info on when people think I will pop. With my first, I was not dilated at all during the 39 week check. Then, a few days later, I lost my plug. about 36 hours later, I went into labor. I dilated quickly. Labor was only 11 hours. The whole thing happened over a weekend. Not dilated on Thursday, and baby on Monday morning! I would not get induced unless there was a medical reason. It usually makes the contractions harder. It is hard right now, but it is harder afterward--still lack of sleep, sore from birth, exhausted from birth, can't eat what you want because of b___stfeeding sensitivities. Everyone tells me that I must want the baby soon when they see how big I am. But, I really want this one to hold on until the due date. Try to get yourself into a slow and easy state. Treat yourself to a pedicure, eat a slice of banana cream pie (or whatever delicious treat you can spoil yourself with). Pamper yourself while you can. It will happen. I don't think your family history matters that much. Baby will come when he or she wants to. It's a full moon tonight--perhaps that will start him or her off! Good luck!


Franny - August 18

Why a miracle story..? Don't worry, your little one will come, even if he or she is a week or 2 late. I have never heard of a pregnant women who never gave birth : ) Break the cycle of impatience : )


angela1986 - August 19

I was 39w4d had no dilated or thinned out. I was at my wits end....thinking my baby was going to be over due and i was miserable. I was HUGE and he hadnt dropped so you could just say i was done lol. I had to work on a Sat...it was to be my last before i was due. I woke up at about 2am having to pee like crazy i sat on the toilet and heard a drop then a gush. I lost my plug, and my water broke all at the same time. About 20 hours later my little man made his apperance. Good luck.....hope all goes well!!!



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