I Need A Second Opiniom Or Just Some Advice Please

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Jill - April 9

My first sono was at 17 weeks and my due date was the26th but I've read that 2nd trimester ultrasounds were off by 12 days. Also my cycle put my date at the 15th I had some good contrac. at 35 wks. (going with the 26th) and my doc stopped them went into labor again yesterday at 37.4 weeks and he wont help with pit. or anything so he sent me home last night I'm in a lot of pain. Isn;t it kinda obvious that the 26th is a little off. Can I ask for a second opinion? Will another doc. even do that and how do I do that?? I feel like my doc. just does't like me. Please any commets would help or a least make me feel better. I really dont want a c-section if my baby gets too big that might happen


Maleficent - April 9

you are always ent_tled to a second opinion. you can ask to see a different doctor at the hospital or call and make an appointment. my personal beliefe is that doctors are people WE HIRE to care for us, if you're not happy fire him! the best way to tell when a baby is really due is to wait for it to come. due date prediction is not an exact science, only our bodies and our babies know when it's time. definatly get another opinion if your worried. go to a different hospital if you have to. your the one carrying this baby, your instincts are not something to shrug off.


Jill - April 10

How do I fire him? Should I go to the hospital and say I fired my doctor, so I dont have one. Do you think they have like a resident doctor on duty?


Maleficent - April 11

call your insurance and tell them you want to change doctors. and there is always a doctor on call and you can ask to see them, just tell them you're no longer comfortable with your doctor.


Jill - April 19



gee - April 19

I went through the same thing too.. when I went to my doctors for the first time, he did an ultrasound because I wasn't sure when my last period was. it turned out that my due date is on April 29. But then when I went for my 4 months sono, it said that my due date was May 6, I had asked my doctor why it was different, he says the second sonogram is more likely to be incorrect because around or before the fourth month, babies grow differently. and because I had an ultrasound earlier on my pregnancy, he said that my first ultrasound was more accurate. I hope this helps!


Jill - April 25

Yeah my first sono was 4 months so thats why I don't like my first due date



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