I Need To Self Induce

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Peanuts4me - October 23

So, I'm at 40&1/2 weeks. My doctor has scheduled an induction for next week, because he is worried that baby will poop in there. I would rather not do a medical induction, since pitocin increases the need for an epidural (because those contractions come strong, fast and HARD)... and epidurals increase your risk of needing a c-section... SO... I would rather try something natural. Last night I tried the old castor oil thing. It was effective at curing the bout of constipation I had... and according to my husband, I'm quite a bit more dialated (like three fingers), and he can feel baby's head... but still no consistent contractions. Any other suggestions? Should I consider breaking my water?


HappinessIsHugs - August 4

Okay, first of all, I thought exactly as you did during my first pregnancy, and so (three births later), I'm going to be a busybody and suggest that you re-consider the epidural. You wouldn't get a tooth pulled without an anesthetic, would you? Trust me, this is worse. Plus, if you need anything else (I needed st_tches), you're stuck getting that done without anesthetic either, because they can't do it once you've dilated past 10cm. I've had three v____al births, and the pitocin/epidural didn't force me to have a c-section... I'm not even sure that myth is true. BUT... of course, that wasn't your question! So I'll shut up about the epidural (oh, it was much nicer not being in pain when my baby arrived...) and talk about what we did to self-induce! Walking around, vigorously, for several hours.... some fun with hubby -- his spermies supposedly help induce -- I don't know it works but it was the most fun thing we tried... I wouldn't recommend breaking your own water, as it could be dangerous, and you might bring about the very thing (a more medicated or even surgical birth) that you're trying to avoid. [Yes, I realize that the original poster has long since had her baby, but I wrote this for the sake of all those in her same position, as I too, once was!]



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