I Ve Been Having Bhs For Days Anyone Else

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Michelle - March 19

Hi, this is my fourth pregnancy and for 6 days now I've had regular bhs, 10-12 mins apart all day and night it's driving me crazy!!! I've tried lying down, drinking plenty of water (which just makes me pee more) bathing, hotties, eating less and often. Has anyone else had these symptons and what's your advice, how did your labor go?


Michelle - March 19

I should add that I'm due in a week!


Sarah - March 19

If they don't go away when you rest and get plenty of fluids I'd say you're technically in labor. Don't panic and rush to the hospital though... it could take a long while for them to become close enough. With my last one I had those contractions for 3 days before they actually started to do anything.


Rabbits07 - March 20

With my 5th baby for several days before I went into real labor I had BH that woke me up at around 2:30am every morning for about a week. They would last a few hours (but never intensified). One morning though I woke up (at around 2:30) w/ pains thinking...here we go again. Within an hour or so the pains started getting harder and closer together (though they never became regular). I went on to the hospital at 4:30am and had him at 8:20am. I'd just mention to my dr. so he/she could check me and see if I were actually dilating.


chante - March 24

I am 36 weeks. I am huge and I have having BH all the freaken time. They are really starting to bug me. This is my 4th pregnancy. So I dont know what is going on I never experienced this before.


shelby - March 29

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I never once experienced Braxton Hicks with my other two. I am 36 weeks now and have been having them on and off for the past three weeks. At one point, I even put in a call to the doctor because they were coming every five minutes, like clockwork, and were lasting anywhere between 45 and 60 seconds. I was advised to go the L&D but was sent home just a few hours later because I had only dilated 1 cm. That was almost two weeks ago and still nothing. I've been having some watery disharge, but to the best of my knowledge, still haven't lost my plug or made any forward progress. I go back to the doctor on Thursday and he's supposed to check my cervix again, by that time I will be 37 weeks and considered "full term", but I'm not going to get my hopes up.


jen - March 29

michelle if ur having watery discharge it could be ur water. You could get a horrible infection letting that just go. I suggest u call your doctor


Laurabelle - March 29

Welcome the BHs! It helps your uterus get ready for labor - it's like practice labor. And that could make for an easier labor!


elijahsmom - March 30

oh you and me btoh girl! seriously I am overdue by 1 day today and Wow we are having the same symptoms...I cant tell you how my labor went..but...although annoying it is just the body getting ready again..and maybe you are having them sooo much because your body recognizes what is going to happen soon! Although the hicks are annoying as heck...honestly..there isnt much you can do..it stinks b___t..



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