If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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shelly - December 1

it is safe to use castor oil to help induce labor my midwife told me herself to do it and two days later i had a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks he was 8 pounds 1 ounce it dosent cause any harm to the baby i did it with every pregnancy and it worked.


impatientMamma - December 2

I've done castor oil twice with no luck. ITs worth a try... just make sure you stay hydrated. The diarreah wasn't too bad either. I wish it had worked for me, however.


Donna - December 3

Have Been reading everyone's experience about castor oil and have just tried it for myself as im 41 wks now and very fed up, will let you know how i get on.


keith service - December 3

Iam a husband and i want the baby out ive tried s_x and it does'nt seem to be working my wife is 39 wks and we may try the castor oil.


Donna - December 4

Tried the castor oil, Have been having mild irregular contrations hopefully it wont be long, but im not getting my hopes up yet. Think its still going to take a while. HELP


Lynn - December 4

I hope you all know that all casteroil does is emty your bowls (seriously I sh****t my brain out) so the baby will drop lower and put more pressure on the cervix and the sack which will "hopefully" cause contractions and/or make the sac.It also irritates the bowls and can also cause contractions. So any laxative will do, just that caster oil works really fast. For me it never worked until I was 3 and 4 days before due date, and I took that stuff like candy.


hi - December 4

my baby is really low now and can sometimes feel him pressing on cervix also alot of pressure in bum do u think its nearly time ime 39 weeks and fed up


bbjorose - December 4

Ahhh Castor oil. My grandmother used it for her 9 children, and my aunts used it and my mother used it. They all swear by it. I myself used it for my first pregnancy, I took it at 9AM had bad cramping and diarhhea from 11am-1pm, labor started about twelve hours later with regular contractions and about 14 hours of intense labor with the end result of a beautiful perfectly healthy baby boy and a delivery without any complications. Yeah. I am now on my fourth pregnancy and I have taken Castor 3 times, red rasberry leaf tea, and evening primrose oil, have started labor three times with regular contractions only to have it stop each time after about 2-4 hours. I have given up on castor oil this times with the conclusion that nothing is guaranteed! Every pregnancy and every woman is different. Especially since my cervix has been 70% efffaced and i have been 2 cm dilated since 33 weeks. I am now full term and nothing... Good luck to everyone!!!


amy - December 5

Well I just got in from the doctor and she says my cervics is extremely soft and she can feel the babies head but I don't really know what that means. I just know I am ready.


Erica - December 5

Well im 38 weeks pregnant with my first i drank castor oil and threw it right back up.. i drank it will orange juice i mean as soon as it went down it came right back up then i cleaned the hole house.. got down on hands and knees mopping .. lol.. then drank some more castor oil and it still didnt help me. :( im ready to get this child outta me.. i guess when its time its time.. and she will come when she gets ready..


amy - December 6

Well I know how you feel I have been cleaning everthing. I cant get anything clean enough. I honestly have cleaned the mini blinds in my home about 7 times like they really get that much dust on them but here lately I think they do.LOL!!!! I am so scared to try the castro oil I figure God will bring in this world when it is time.


amy - December 7

daily update here!!! Well my boss said today is the day I have got my glow back and my belly is now sitting on my lap. I am actual looking a little small on top now. YEA!!!


Cagni - December 7

What time that night did you take the castor oil


amy - December 12

Well I tried the castro oil all it did was give me contractions. I can't belive it for three days know. I pray the baby is okay. I am on my to the dr. rioght now. So I will never do castro oil again. also I learned that the oil can clog up the cord. So no more for me.


TO AMY - December 12

Please keep us posted and let us know how the doctor's appt. goes


Courtney - December 16

Cant the doctors tell that you took that stuff to make you go into labor? I mean do they get made about it??



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