If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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AmandaDorey21 - November 28

hello all... my name is amanda im 21 and this is my second pregnancy i am 36 weeks and 3 days and let me tell ya the pain is just unreal. before i got pregnant wit number 2 i weighed 86 pounds i now way 102 and my back and even the skin on my belly is sore i been havin some contractions for quite some time and im jsut wonderin what i can due to help me go into labor... i had the shot about 3 and a half weeks ago to help the lungs mature and i've read alot that they consider 37 weeks to be full term and i will 37 weeks on tuesday so can some one please help me out for i am wayyyy to big and dont think that this baby has ne more to move around.


Otasawin - February 25

Hi There - I am 39 weeks and had a huge chunk of mucus come out this morning; I am dialated a few cm's and hoping I am ready to go soon, feel sore around my belly and a few sharp pains here and there, but nothing yet. Does Chamoile Tea help induce?


GWYN - June 21

so.. im 38 wks pregnant & last night i drank castor oil.. well.. yesterday-at around 11 am.. and i waited until 8 pm to drink 4 more tablespoons. i fell asleep & woke up around midnight with BAD BAD contractions which i havent had ANY SO FAR!! {lucky i know} - eventually led me to the bathroom & then came diarrhea. {sp?} i was miserable.. but it all stopped by 330 4 am. i called my mom & she said i should have drank the whole bottle.. BUT as others have said- i dont want to be in labor and/or having the baby while i have diarrhea..soo to drink or not to drink ??


pfletcer04167 - July 16

i have been with my girlfriend for 5 months now, 3 of which she has been pregnant. But i am suspicious cos i used condom, she asked me not to and she will go on pill, 2 weeks later to my shock she is pregnant. Am i just one of those 99/1 unlucky ones. Anyway, i just dont want to be a Dad, been through alot recently and dont think i could cope as not strong. She wont have abortion. Now it seems all we do is argue, she lives with her 9yr old son, and i see her most nights, but now she asked me to stop coming down as much, and said she sees me more as a freind ?!?!? i am gutted and dont know what to do. She said its over, and i cant handle the rejection and not sure if she means it. Not even 100% sure its mine as not known her long enough, but she insist it is, but i have resentment towards her for getting pregnant, she knew from the start i didnt want that. Now shes pushing me away - one side of me thinks great, forget about her and move and pretend it never happened, but another side wants to be with her, eventhough she is totally abusive verbally and pulls me down, She still drinks wine, nearly a bottle a night and shes 3/4 months gone. I dreaded being in this position and just wish i could turn back the clock. Someone please advise. Do i need to be strong and be a man an be supportive, or have i got a right to be dissapointed in her for allowing herself to get pregnent, and can i walk away knowing there is possible my baby out there somewhere. I dont like the idea of paying 18 years maintaince either. I am messed up and need help before i go back on the drink bigtime ! missarose22 - July 8th, 2009 2:50 PM So you used condoms and then you stopped and two weeks later you found out she was pregnant? I don't think it's possible for her to know she is pregnant at only two weeks. I'm not sure her body would have registered enough of the hormone to tell her. To me it seems a little weird that she would ask you to not where a condom and them bam she's pregnant. Do you know for sure how far along she is? I would get an ultra sound picture that will tell you on it. The worst reason to stay with someone is because they are pregnant. It will only make it worst for the baby and in this case her 9 year old kid. You can be there for her but if she really doesn't want to be with you then I would give her the distance but make sure she knows you are there for appts and when she needs you. As for the drinking I just pray you don't end up with a child with problems that is way too much for her to be drinking. She shouldn't be drinking at all! It's up to you but I would get a paternity test done before/after the baby is born just to be sure. Good luck. pfletcer04167 - July 10th, 2009 2:38 PM Met her 07/02/09, she asked me to stop condoms on the 09/03/09 and she wanted pill as she didnt like condoms, maybe alarm bells should have rang then, but i trusted her, It was late april she told me she was pregnant, went for scan with her, and nurse said baby conceived 26/03/09 and was 5wks 3 days old i think. If she does'nt want me - i feel rejected, and want nothing to do with her or baby as i didnt ask to be in this position, or should i be more of a man, and accept i played my part in this - or did she trap me ? She says she sees me as a friend now ?!?! We have agreed to have a break from eachother for atleast 1 week to see how we both feel. But how can i stay and support her feeling like a mug - be tricked and now have all this responsibility. Or what if after week break i decide ok shes tricked me, but i still love her and will try and be happy to be a father and support her - but she says no ? I feel i would hate her so much for sucking me in chewing me, then spitting me out like rubbish, and would want to stay away from her and the baby then. Eventhough i know deep down its not the babys fault - That is if i am the father ? I think I must be, dont think shes that bad a person she would let me think i was the father when there is a chance i was not, or could it be she wouldnt admit to cheating, there was a time i found message of another man - with x kiss marks - she said its just a freind ??? If we do decide to stay together, i still feel i would need to be 100% sure its mine - and have her and the baby an myself have a DNA test - but what will relationship be like then - she will het me for doing that. missarose22 - July 10th, 2009 6:46 PM It sounds like the baby could be yours but if you have any doubts then you should get a paternity test done. The fact is she didn't trick you at all. It was YOUR CHOICE to have s_x without a condom. The pill is NOT 100% effective so even if she was taking it she could still get pregnant. And how much trust can you have in someone that you've known for only one month? I think the worst thing people can do is stay together for the sake of a baby. I know they mean well but 99% of the time it doesn't work anyway. Most of the time it's not a healthy environment for a child to be raised in. You can still be a terrific father and not be with your ex but that's entirely up to you. It sounds like you don't want to shrink away from your responsibility but you need to remember that it's not just you and your ex anymore. There is going to be a baby that you will be responsible for. If in the end that's not something you want then that is your decision. But for now you can only tell your ex that you are here for her and let her have her space. It will only make it worst if you try to argue with her over what she's feeling and what you want. Good luck. pfletcer04167 - July 11th, 2009 12:56 PM I am sorry that is a typical womans view, it was her choice to have the baby, why else would she ask me to stop using condoms under the pretense 'she doesnt like them' ? She would never have been pregnant if she didnt decieve me. Its not fair on any man to be in my position. IT WAS HER CHOICE TO HAVE s_x WITHOUT A CONDOM AS SHE REASURRED ME SHE WILL MAKE SURE SHE WILL NOT GET PREGNANT. I am not a 99.9/1 % unlucky one, my only mistake was believing her. And yes there is or may be a baby i am going to be responsible for and i wish i could just walk away, but there is a matter of morals and personal feelings i feel i may not just be able to walk away from. SO IT IS NOT ''MY CHOICE ' as you say. It really is her doing the arguing, shes even told me to stop talking about my brother wh died 18 months ago cos it is doing her head in. She a heartless selfish b___h - but i am still drawn to her and keep grovelling and apologising to her. WHY ?? she has shown little interest in me. And its always me that does all the running round, shes got what she wanted now, her and her baby to be, her 9 year old son, and her house and new job. What have i got - NOTHING ?


kellyquinlan - October 7

i went to try caster oil but the moment i looked at it and it went near my mouth i started gagging, and evrytime i open the bottle i start to gag lol.


2010babyontheway - August 17

only if you are over 40 weeks!


2010babyontheway - August 17

if you are 40 weeks plus thann taking castor oil is VERY HARMFUL!!!!! The baby can be born with muconum, do you want to be responsible for hurting your child over being unpatient do you? Talk to your doctor they'll tell you the same thing...ask to be induced!


2010babyontheway - August 17

if you are over 40 weeks yes it will! told by all of my doctors


magali - October 23

Ingredients: 3 eggs* 4 oz of castor oil 1 cup of country hash browns 1/4 cup of onions 1/2 cup of shredded cheese** Salsa *Since 4 oz of oil is quite a lot, I felt we needed 3 eggs to mask it. If you're doing 2 oz of castor oil, you could reduce this to 2 eggs. **You can use more or less to your liking. If you avoid dairy, it can be eliminated from the dish. The cheese does help with the texture, but doesn't do much to mask the flavor. Directions: First cook the hash browns and onions in a skillet until nice and brown. Use cooking spray--you don't want extra oil in there. Once done, put aside (use a bowl, you can then cook the eggs in the same pan). Beat the eggs and castor oil in a bowl until well blended. Pour into hot frying pan and cook until done. Now, the oil will make it runny and it will take about twice as long for them to firm up, but be patient, it will happen. Once they are done, add the potatoes back into the pan and cook a few extra minutes until mixed and heated through. Cover the top of the eggs with the cheese, turn off heat, and cover with lid. Let sit 2-3 minutes until cheese melts. Serve immediately with salsa.


jhannah - November 10

I am on my second child with my first I tried castor oil didn't work for me.... All it did was give me terrible diarrhea.... I have read that acupressure works never tried it but am at thirty eight weeks and second consecutive child and am very ready to not be pregnant anymore..


Pregnant for real - November 15

Well could someone help me i don't want my baby to come before my due date i really want her after my due date. What can i do to delay her coming before her time?


nursebay - January 10

I'd like to know what is wrong with "mothers" today willing, because of thier own discomfort, put there babies in jeapordy to try and do stupid things like induce themselves. Its one thing to eat spicy foods, go for long walks, have s_x, but to take castor oil, come one people? If it has a side effect on you (diarrhea) it can certainly have the same side effect on your baby. Think about it and be a responsible mother.


nursebay - January 10

And for the person who say they were told by TWO doctors that it wont cause diarrhea in a baby, you are full of it...I worked with many OB/GYN's and have been a L&D nurse and know first hand it can and DOES!


mommy2be2012 - March 13

i was told that a certain cheese will make u go in labor i am 39 weeks and im high risk bc of my blood pressure and im scared if i dont make myself go into labor that the babys heart rate will go up real high then we will have complacations and i have tried castrol oil and it didnt do nothing i didnt even get diarriah is there any other methods besides s_x and walking bc i already do a lot of both


chrissyj - March 13

If you are high risk do not do anything to make yourself go into labor...if you are worried contact your OB/GYN...at 39 weeks most dr.s will induce you at the hospital where they can monitor you and your baby's heart. Call your doctor about your concerns. Setting yourself into labor can actually increase your blood pressure, because of the stress of labor...I would strongly suggest you to not risk your pregnancy this far along, you don't want to put that baby at risk...especially now that you've done all this work to get to your 39th week. Congratulations by the way, you're little one will be here VERY SOON! Please seek medical advice and ask to be induced if you are worried.


Fantasy42092 - April 22

okay so I am 36 weeks... I am due May 22nd. Do you think that if I were to try the Castor Oil that everything would turn out fine for my baby? The doctor has told me that he believes that my baby is already 6 1/2 lbs... What do you think ???



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