If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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Stacie - September 2

Kay this is the 1st time this has happen to me tho .All of my kids were measuring what I was to be at. I just found it odd that this one is off by 3 weeks . And I am has big a house lol.


stacie - September 2

. hehe my prayers are with you . you probably have one BIG baby in there. hehe


Stacie - September 2

So what you are saying is they are going to stay with the date from the ultrasound . And some where in there is 3 weeks missing this suxs .


krystal - September 2

when i was 38 wks i was measuring 38 weeks. when i was 39 i was measuring 34. i went yesterday i am 40 wks measuring 36....my doctor told me that it means that the baby had dropped.


Stacie - September 2

My Dr told me the last time I went that this was Normal . I don't understand how it can be with 3 weeks missing .I go back the 14th so well see i guess


baby Jamari - September 2

HI its me again. I'm a little over 35 weeks now. The doctors said that if my baby comes now he'll be fine. I'm measuring around 2 to 3 cm. I'll have a few contractions every once in a while. I know a little more time would be better for him but he is engaged and it is painful. I don't think i can go another 5 weeks or more. Any Advice????? My Doctor says hes a little over 6lbs.


Stacie - September 2

Can anyone let me know if they have their baby when the Dr says. When you are measuring different from what they say please let me know . Thank you


Stacie - September 3

Can anyone let me know if they have their baby is due when the Dr says. When you are measuring different from what they say please let me know . Thank you


... - September 3

Trust your doctor! I am sure they know what they are talking about..You can always go to hospital for self satisfaction!


... - September 3

im 37 weeks but measuring 40 and thats even after the baby has dropped. so i dont know that it has anything to do with it really. they just use it as a guidline to make sure that the baby is growing and the uterus is giving ample room to grow


Hi Stacie - September 4

You can't go by what they measure, often it's wrong, but sometimes it's a small/big baby and sometimes it's an incorrect due date. You never know, so don't pay much attention to it. For me, it was a big baby though.


ry - September 10

is it true that the baby will stop moving around right before he/ she is ready to come out?and about the castrol oil thing. sence it is a laxative and you most likly will get the poops, what do you think would happen if you mixed it with a medicine that stops diarehha(sp)? im 38 wks and ready to have my first baby, im thinkin about considering the castrol oil, but i just dont want to deal with the side effects that come with it? do you think if maybe u dont take as much you'll be ok?hmmm please get back with me on that one. and another thing do you absolutly have to be dialated already in order for it to even work? [email protected]


beth - September 22

well last night i tried the caster oil, i took 3 tablespoons and drank orange juice. about 4 hours later i had contractions 5 minutes apart, it worked as it was supposed to except my doctor stopped labor since i am 35 weeks. he said 1 more week and he wont stop contactions, so i wasent sure about it working before yesterday,but today i am a beliver,and i will be doing it again in 1 week :) . by the way i only had minor diareahha about 2 an hour befor my contraction. good luck


melissa - September 22

i tried castor oil twice and i didnt even get a single contraction either time and both times i took about 2oz...i did an enema the other day and it didnt work...i didnt even poop with the enema...ive been taking primrose pills and that help efface my cervix...but today im 39 weeks and i have the MOPS (miserable over pregnancy syndrome my doctor calls it) and im scheduled to start being induced at 7 pm tonight at the hospital so i will have my baby boy sometime tomorrow! so if your 39 weeks just tell your doc you have the mops and start crying like i did and they will most likely induce you...and most docs should know what mops is...good luck everyone!


mommy2be - September 22

hi all. well ive been taking epo * evening primrose oil. on the advice of my dr. it has gla in it which your body makes prolastagin * sp?* with . since ive been talking it ive noticed ive been getting contractions . they arnt labour yet. just preperation ones. but its definately softening my cervix because from one week to the next i went from long and closed to short and 1cm. so i would suggest trying that. i was thinking about castor oil but i ended up getting the flu with HORRIBLE diareah anyways and it did nothign so i figure i coudlnt go through that agian. haha


anna - September 23

hey ladies!!! Well little Addison is almost 2 months now. Shes growing up so fast!!! But I hope all is good with your labors. I never thought I would ever say this but i kinda miss being pregnant. I didnt realize it then, but i loved my big baby belly. And i really miss sleeping!!!! but thanx for those who replied. I hope this works for you!!!!



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