If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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Bobbie - November 20

Is there anything else that would work besides castor oil? I am 40 weeks and 2 days


ready mamma - November 21

i was just wondering for the women who took the castor oil with the sprite and pepsi, did it taste bad? i took it with my first with orange juice and it just made me throw up. please let me know i am very ready to have her. also i am 37 weeks, 3 centimeters and 30% efaced, with three teaspoons work for me or do i need to be further along in my dialation? thanks girls


Baby - November 21

My mum told me to hurry up and have my baby and to go home and have s_x to bring on the labor. I did and 2 hours later i was at the hospital 5cm dialated.


answer please - November 21

Why on earth would ANYONE want to induce labor when they are only 37 weeks??!!? "Full Term" doesn't even START until 38 weeks, and the healthiest age for birth is 40 weeks.... why are you doing this to your child???


? - November 22

Because some are selfish, that's the only thing that I can get from it.


? - November 22

They'll say it's because of unbearable discomfort and pain, but nearly all go through that. I know I am, but what's a few weeks when you've made it this far?


37 - November 22

Actually ladies, most books and Drs. consider 37 weeks to be full term.


jen - November 24

what happens if you are induced at the hospital but was sent home. but now have show and moderate non-regular contractions. and scheduled to be induced again.


.......... - November 25

Yeah... I just don't get it. I finally gave birth to my very healthy little girl 6 days after her due date.. I was HUGE pregnant, yet I was never miserable.... In the end, it was only impatience to see the baby that was hard to deal with, not the pregnancy. Maybe I had it lucky? I gained 40 pounds, went from XS maternity to XL, and still managed to push-mow our uphill lawn the day before I gave birth.... and walk 3 miles ( hey, no harm in helping nature....!) But the point is, my daughter was born when she was ready.. when her body was ready to easily survive outside my body. The BABY initiates labor and contractions when they are READY... why would you hurry them along for no reason other then you can't seem to handle a physical state for 7 more days?? A physical state that your body was DESIGNED to endure? Why would you do that to your child, for NO reason???


dymond - November 25

i see your point "........" but i know i was considering induction only because my pubic bone is getting damaged and its m akine it extremely hard to mind my 2 and 6 yr old children. i waitied till nature wanterd me to give birth but this little boy is heaver and alot lower then they were. i was due yesterday (turkeyday) and i kept thinking about it. I wont try castor oil or any unnatural substance to attempt, mabey some red raspburry tea or something else that humans are supposed to consume. I tried this so called half od cup of warm water with 4 teaspoons of brown sugar. tasted good but nothing.


jane - November 28

hi all i was told to try rasberry leaf tea to help labour is thios true ime 38 weeks and ready oh and very scared too


christina - November 30

I am 37 weeks pregnant and 1cm and 70% effaced. What are the risks of me inducing labor now?


To Christina - November 30

37 weeks is considered full term by most docs. The risks would depend mostly on what method you choose for induction...I personally think that if your body is ready a small amount of Castor Oil might help you along...I don't think I would use more than 2 or 3 teaspoons myself.


amy - December 1

did you get diarehha when you toke the castor oil?


amy - December 1

Well can some one help me? I am 35 wks and about 4 days and I am in pain all the time I just had another sonagram and they said my baby was 7 1/2 lbs. And see my cycle said my due date was 12-08-05 and the sonagram said 1-04-05 but I hurt they say my cervics has turned??? but no I ahave not dialatted?? So what do you'll think about castro oil?


shelly - December 1

it is safe to use castor oil to help induce labor my midwife told me herself to do it and two days later i had a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks he was 8 pounds 1 ounce it dosent cause any harm to the baby i did it with every pregnancy and it worked.



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