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26 weeks - September 7

I watch baby shows all of the time. they seem to make the moms out to be in such agony, even with an epideral. all of my friends have told me that they have had an epideral and there is no way they are hurting that bad if their medicine is still effective. as a matter of fact over half of my friends have said that they had to have someone tell them when to push because they were numb. so honestly if i get an epideral what will it be like?? im not worried about pain, i just want to know what to expect with my first child.


Maureen - May 4

If you find out please let me know, I'm half way done through the pregnancy now.


Mommy of an Angel - May 27

I had the epidural even though I swore I wouldn't. My contractions were pretty painful and I wasn't getting any rest. After the epidural, I slept for 2 hours. I had to be told when to push, but I didn't mind. I could actually watch my contractions start on the monitor, so I knew when I needed to be pushing. I only had to push 40 min. I think that was the easy part. Honestly, the part no one ever tells you about is the recovery. It's been 4 months and my tailbone is still bruised!


Kim - May 31

I'm going to tell you the brutal truth because sugar coating it is not going to prepare you. It is going to hurt worse then you can imagine, but it's the most empowering thing ever. It's all worth it when you see your baby and your mind thankfully blocks out the worst of it. The reason they look like they're in pain on the tv shows is because their epidural is "turned down" so that they can feel themselves when to push. Every dr. is different. You should check wit yours. Also, on tv they almost always get the epidural but in reality it's usually the last form of pain relief offered. You'll go great with whatever you chose!


valerie - June 19

i wouln't recommend the epideral. regardless you will be in pain. the epideral sometimes causes women to have back pains for months, even years after having a baby. without the epideral you get to experience natural birth and you forget about the pain as soon as you see you bundle of joy. talking from experience. it is painful, but i'm not for the epideral.


lex - June 26

im now trying for my second baby infact i think im pregnant now, i had a epidural with my first at 7 cm dilated and this time im going 2 try and do it with out. I found the epidural took of the edge of the pain but not all of it, also i didn't like not knowing when 2 push. like mommy of an angel i also damage my tail bone from being in the same posistion through labour which i couldn't move because my legs where numb and that hurt more than my labour. After i had my son 15 hours later i still couldn't move my legs and u don't know when it weres of so trying 2 stand is so weird u don't know if u are going to fall which i did lucky the nurse had hold of me. I now here there is one that only numbs your stomache not leg. keep your opitions open and go with what u thinks right at the time. Goodluck


Jamie - August 30

I am very partial to the epideral and I don't think I would ever go through a child birth again without one. I went in planning on not having one with my first child, then ended up getting one anyway 2 hours before I gave birth. I do give condolences to the women who can do it without an epideral, but if you can enjoy your birthing experience without pain, why not? I honestly have to say after having 2 children, I can look back and say that the delivery was my favorite part of my pregnancy because I was with out pain watching my babies come into this world.


frances - August 31

i also have two kids and each time i had an epidural but they wore out by the time i had to push so i had felt everything in the end...i did manage to get some rest during my first labor but my second labor...the epidural was no help really cuz about 30 mins after i got it it wore off and i was ready to push...good luck!


me - September 1

I was so bloody terrified of having an epidural ( is uffer from lower back problems) and having my birth being controlled by my doc (I came up with a birth plan requesting that my wishes for no drugs or an episiotomy be respected, to which he said "we will do whatever we want", that i went with a midwife at 6 months along) It wasnt the thing for me. i wanted to have mine naturally and thats cool. My SIL had an epidural and episiotomy and she was happy with her birth experience. Basically its a personal choice. Not many people can handle pain or they are afraid and they should do whatever is best for them. Just do whatever you think is best for you and baby and you'll be happy with your birth experience. Either way, you still get a happy baby. :) My SIL said she didnt feel the epidural or the birth, she had to be told when to push..afterwards though..during the episiotomy and the sewing up..she did feel that. I have no clue how long the effects last so you should ask. That would be great to know. Last thing you want is for the drugs to waer off and the pain kick back in and they wont give you anymore.


Cicely - September 7

I did not have an epidural with my first child so I don't really know what to expect either. I watched my sister in labor with two of her children. She was in agony with the first child even though she had an epidural. I guess the medicine was not hitting the nerve. The second child birth was easier for her but still painful. My guess is that it will be painful no matter what. The enlightening part is that we as women are very strong creatures and our bodies can tolerate this kind of pain. Women have been having children from the beginning of time. The pain will not last forever and you will have your new baby. I'm going to have an epidural with my next baby (due any time now).



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