In Labor And Sent Home

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Alisha - September 1

When I was in labor with my son , it was on my due date. My contractions were 3 min apart by the time I took the hour and half drive to the hospital. I saw the doctor for the most of 2 min. She said I was not in labor and to go home and drink some Sprite. Because I couldn' t hold down anything. She gave me a sleeping pill. This was a 9:30 pm. All night I slept in between contractions, and was not able to stay awake long enough to realize what was going on. Around 6 a.m. I woke up, realized I needed an ambulance, and was rushed to the nearest hospital. Babys head was partly out and had him a 7:52 that morning. I could of had that baby on my bed. What if there had been any complications. So my question is.. Should I complain to the hospital. Is there anything I can do about this carelessness?


yo mama - September 1

your doctor is liable, so the hospital was liable..why on earth would he or she give you a sleeping pill? somethings up and you should consult with someone other than that hospital. im sure they would cover it up cause they dont want a law suit. imagine if something had happened to your baby?..who would be responsible? THEM. i would do something about it. that was your life and your babys. lucky that your baby didnt deliver why you were sleeping or suffocated. good luck


lilmama - September 1

I would definatley contact a lawyer, they are responsible for the carelessness.


nelly - September 2

I can relate I went to the hospital with very consistant contractions and from a 3 to a 4 while there and was having contractions every 10 mins and they sent me home with ambien and a painkiller and I took them and my contractions went to 6mins apart for one hour and I walked down the stairs to go to the hospital and by the time I got in the car they were 2mins apart and I was a 7 when I got there and had my daughter natural. If I had waited I would have had her at home as well. some doctors are so inconsiderate.


angie - April 18

absolutely. get a lawyer and sue those SOB's.


Jamie - April 19

uh, angie - that baby is nearly a year old by now. And, no, there are no damages, because there were no complications. Even if she had had the baby on her bed, unless something actually went wrong with the delivery, there's nothing to be compensated for.


mom2b2x - April 19

I agree that since there werent any complications Thank GOD that you probrably would be wasting your time but i would definetely complained to the hospital and i would get a new doctor and word of mouth about the dr is about all you could do but also thank god your baby is fine and healthy not hanks to the dr or hospital



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