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Mariela - January 6

Hi this is my first pregnancy and i am due next week. Well my question is what do they do when they "induce" u? how long after u pass ur due date will they do this?


Nikki - January 6

It is dangerous for you to go beyond your due date more than two weeks, and doctors generally wait no longer than this to induce. There are different means of induction, depending on what your doctor thinks will work best for you. Generally this is an IV drug like Pitocin, or it could be a v____al suppository like Cervadill.


KM - January 7

most doctors wont let you go more than 10 days over. some will induce before your date for certain reasons.Most doctors start with cervidil because it is not a method of induction, it will just soften and prepare your cervix for labour. You will get this the morning before your induction date. then the next morning they will most likely break your waters and start pitocin. in some cases however, the cervidil may make you go into labour on your own. it did for me and I was 39 wks


chrissy - January 9

hi mariela i was induced with both my kids and they give you stuff through an iv that helps bring on contractions and then they broke my water and with that i was in labor for 9 hours i went in at 8 am and had my baby at 5.45pm and with my second went in at 8 and had her at 5.40 pm weird i know but my second was so much easer my first i had back labor and it was ten times worse and i also heard when you go in labor with out being induce it is a lot eaiser hope that helps


KM - January 9

the stuff through the IV is pitocin, and labour is harder with this because the contractions come strong, hard and fast.I had back labour too, and it is awful


Nila - January 20

I am due on the 27th I have been having contractions for 2 days but I can't dilate.So they keep sending me home. Any suggestions to help me dilate


Valley Twin Girl - January 28

I have a questions... I am carring twins and I am going crazy... everyone says oh you will be going in early.. I am now 37 weeks into my 9month.. and I am ready to go now. Do you know of anyone being over due with Twins?


marilyn - February 8

im 40 weeks and there goin to induce my labor today because im not open yet whats the best think i should do



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